The Bustle Skirt. A tutorial.

*This tutorial is for personal use only.  Please contact us to buy a limited-use permit to sell any item made from this tutorial.*
The tutorial you (or I should say I) have been on pins and needles for….. The Bustle Skirt.
A couple of notes that people have asked that are not answered in the tutorial.
What type of fabric did you use?
Both the yellow and the purple skirts are bottomweight fabric.  The yellow fabric was $1.50 on red tag clearance, which I think I would have walked by had it not been on sale.  The “bottomweight” fabric is a little heavier weight fabric and gives lots of flounce with less fraying than a broadcloth or a pure cotton (it is a cotton/ poly blend).  Also, if you don’t want any fraying at all  (I like the bit of frayed look), use a jersey knit (t-shirt material) and you won’t have any fraying.  Some people have had trouble with thin jersey rolling….so get a heavyweight one.  It won’t be quite as flouncy, but it also won’t fray at all.
How much fabric did you use?
I made a size 4-5 skirt and used 2  1/2 yards for the skirt body and the circles.  I would buy at least 2 yards just for the circles and then measure how much you need for your own skirt underneath.
How big are the circles?
They have a diameter of 4 1/2 inches.  (This is in the tut….but just in case you were wondering.)
* Update….I think I like the look of 5 inch circles better.
How do you wash the skirt?
I pre-washed the fabric.  Then I washed my skirts on the delicate cycle and then hung them to dry.
I think that’s all.  If you have any more questions, I’d be happy to answer them.  And I would love to see pictures….
UPDATE:  Some of you are having trouble accessing the Tutorial.  I have moved it to a google doc so everyone should be able to see it now.

62 thoughts on “The Bustle Skirt. A tutorial.

  1. Wow – that is an amazing piece of work! Great job, and thank you very much for the tutorial! It is always hard to make them when you didn’t do it the first time around – time being so precious. Thank you again.

  2. Wow, how darling is that! For real! What a creative idea. I am your newest follower, and would love for you to follow back, if you would like!

  3. Super cute, can’t wait to make one for my nieces, or maybe a “sophisticated” looking one for myself! Thanks for the tutorial, I’m your newest follower!

  4. This is DARLING! Is there a reason you need to pick up the foot to go over each circle rather than doing a continuous seam? Thanks!

  5. I made this skirt and I love it. But I would not suggest using a jersey knit. All my circles rolled in on themselves and I was ready to throw it in the trash. Instead I went back and opened all the circles up and then sewed across the top. Problem fixed. I don’t have a crafting blog, or a great camera (and I’m new to sewing) but I did post the pictures of my skirt on my blog.

  6. Lindsey….sorry your jersey knit didn’t work so well. But your skirt did turn out darling and you are very resourceful!

    If you are going to do a knit (or any other fabric) remember the heavier weight the better. Really. For jersey try to find a “double knit” or a cotton poly blend…they are usually thicker.

    I am doing another “bustle” type tutorial later this month with another article of clothing!

  7. Why are people calling it a “bustle skirt” when it actually doesn’t have a bustle? I LOVE the skirt, but it’s really just beautiful ruffles. LOVE the tutorial!

  8. Kara,

    When the skirt has all the circles pinned on and not scrunched up with the elastic yet…it reminded me of the look of a bustle…that’s where I got the name from. But you can call it whatever you want..:)

  9. Oh my goodness…I have no idea how I ended up on your blog, but I am soooo thrilled I did!!! This is a fabulous skirt…I’m 38 and preggers, but I am definitely making one for me, my 4 year old AND my little bun in the oven! Thanks for this free tutorial! If I post it back to my blog, I’ll be sure to link back to you!

  10. Can just buy this from you? lol. I can’t sew right now with carpal tunnel, but that skirt, that color, everything about it is adorable!

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this skirt! Thanks for the tutorial. My 3 youngest daughters are each going to get one. I guess I have lots of circles to cut in my future.

  12. This is such a cute skirt!! I really want to make one for my little girl. Quick question…I have some cute yellow lace fabric, do you think that would work for the ‘bustles’ or would it fray too much?


  13. I made one for my daughter and myself to wear on Christmas to church. I wasn’t too sure if it was going to make me look fat, but I think with the right top and boots it looked good.

  14. Are you kidding me…this is AMAZING. I love it! Your collection of sewing tutorials DO NOT look homemade at all, they look like they have come out of a catalog. You are one talented lady. I will be pinning this ASAP. Thanks for sharing!!!

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