Chocolate Mustache Suckers

This weekend my sister in law Stacy brought these out for my kids. (Which was really great because what I had planned to post today turned into a craft fail of epic proportions.)

Stacy is a baker of all things delicious. And I am in love with these, her latest tasty creation—CHOCOLATE MUSTACHE SUCKERS!!!! Not only are they super fun and entertaining but are smooth and creamy made with either dark or milk chocolate.
Oh, how glad I am that she married into my family…how could I not love someone who can make things like this? And not only is she a great cook but she’s nice and sent me the link to where she got the groovy mustache molds. So if any of you out there want to stash your kids, husbands, or co-workers you can go HERE and order some.
Have a mustashtic Monday…bwa ha ha (that was my evil bad guy laugh…sorry, mustaches always make me want to do that….)
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    Alright, I am down with chocolate stashes. They’d make excellent party favors (got a birthday boy for next month – I’m always thinking about parties now). Thanks for to sister in law Stacey for an excellent idea and thank you for sharing 🙂

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