The Cotton Candy Skirt–A New Tulle Skirt

Some of you got a sneak peek at this skirt when I accidently posted this on Monday instead of scheduling it–oops. Well, here it is for real!
Ever since making the $5 tulle skirt last Spring, it has been a staple piece of clothing in our house. But, unfortunately my 5 year-old is growing like a weed…and it was time for a new tulle skirt.

“A big fluffy one” were my orders.

So, we have the new tulle skirt–which has been cleverly (or not so cleverly) nicknamed “The Cotton Candy Skirt” by a hungry little girl. It is fluffy. And big. And made a 5-year old very happy.

I did a quick tutorial for you all if you need an updated tulle skirt too.

You can find it HERE.

40 thoughts on “The Cotton Candy Skirt–A New Tulle Skirt

  1. Adorable! And very big and fluffy (she sounds like my kind of girl, placing an order like that!). I love it, and you’re killing me here . . . I reeeeeaaaaally need a girl next time around! Boys are fun and all, but have the fatal flaw of refusing to wear tutus.

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  2. If I didn’t know it was a skirt, I may just have eaten it ( lol) It is adorable. I can see this being ordered, if I dare show my 5 year old.

  3. I made this for Charlotte last night – she is going to wear it to her Great-Grandma’s 80th bday party tomorrow. I made in purple – it turned out so cute! p.s. I love your new banner ;)

  4. I read the tutorial and had a quick clarification question….after you folded the tulle twice and then bunched the top like a paperbag…do you lay the bunches horizontally across the skirt & sew down the middle from left to right(really from top of the bunched bag down?)…..I was just wondering how to lay the bunches down on the skirt before sewing? I can’t wait to make this & just want to get it right!

  5. Kelli,

    Sorry sometimes I think things are clear as mud….lol.

    I sewed the tops of the bundles vertically. sorry the pictures shows me holding it horizontally because I was trying to hold it and take a picture…..Sew the top of the bundles(right where my fingers are pinching the folds in step 3). Sew across the top of one bundle, then add the next and sew across the top of that one and so on.

    I am thinking that I am probably confusing you more. Does that make sense?

  6. This is precious. My daughter (first and only girl in the house other than me of course) will be wearing this for her first b-day party in July. I am a novice in the sewing dept. but I figure 2 months is enough time to work up the nerve to give it a go.

    Thanks for sharing this. LOVE IT.

  7. Melissa,

    You are totally right. I missed a step and had a typo. Sheesh. I am correcting the tutorial right now. And thanks, my brain is a little off sometimes. You need to cut your 6 inch tulle strips in half….then fold them like a bundle. And it is 15 or 16 per layer…not 30.

    Thanks again,

  8. Thanks. I thought it might have had something to do with cutting the strips in half. I can’t wait to get to work on this skirt. I’m starting with pink, because it’s my daughters favorite color, and if she loves it, I’ll probably make several more.

    Thanks for sharing such a cute tutorial.


  9. I want to make this for my daughter for her Bday party on Saturday! She is going to be 11, but she still loves frilly skirts :)

    What did you use to make the actual skirt? I mean what is the tulle being sewn to? I didn’t see on the tutorial.

    Thanks for your help!

  10. Love this! I’m an “older” mommy with a princess loving 6 year old. I am just learning to sew. My question is, how do you avoid ragged edges on the tulle when cutting?

  11. Thank you for sharing this beautiful skirt! I juat finished one for my 7 year old- I’m on a “Tiffany’s blue” I made it in a blue turquoise as a New Years outfit…lots of compliments- she loves it!- Rosa in Fort Worth, TX

  12. Believe it or not, my 14 year old daughter wanted one! I made it out of black with white flocked polka dots and solid black (alternating rows. It turned out really cute! Hope she wears it.
    Denise Tulsa, OK

  13. So when you cut the strips in half, is it 6 inches by half the width of the tulle or 3 inches by the width of the tulle? Thanks! Awesome idea!

  14. I Never would’ve thought of making bundles and sewing those onto a fabric skirt. I’m used to the method of gathering long strips and sewing those gathered “panels ” on. Do you mind if I ask how far apart your bundles are spaced? I think I see the pin heads- the yellow spots. But on a computer screen it’s hard to tell how far they are spaced apart. Another blog used this method for a Cinderella skirt and I thought this method might be pretty simple for a Belle costume if done in yellow. ( I know this post is old and I apologize for bringing it up again. )

  15. Wonderful tutorial and I love the skirt. I was wondering about the 60 x 16 fabric. I know the 16 inches is the height but did you bunch the fabric to make it fluffy and that is why the fabric was 60 inches long? I’m confused a little. Love the shirt. Thanks

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