Some new shorts

Ok….I have to apologize first for the crappy pictures.  I promise they are cuter in real life.  These pictures were taken on a super dark day…hence the white balance being TOTALLY off, and the super photoshopping.  Yikes, I am kind of embarassed.
Learn from me, never take photos on a dark day (unless you have a post to finish for tomorrow and you are scrambling….then you will get something like the following.  Argh.)

As I said before, all of our boys needed shorts.  So, I got busy for my two….and had a little left over to make a cute skirt for Hannie too.

I did put some cargo pockets on both pair of shorts, and then on Aaron’s I added a fake drawstring on the elastic top.  I kind of like adding some details to a simple shorts pattern.

I know there are a million tutorials out there for how to make boys’ shorts (like HERE, HERE and HERE) so I won’t reinvent the wheel, but if you want to add a pocket,

here’s what I do….

And there you go.  Happy shorts making!
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