The Art of Homemaking—-Sharing Ideas

“Living a creative life is made all the more fulfilling and rewarding when we are creating for, with, or because of others. Much creative drive is certainly internally driven, but there is such benefit to creating beyond ourselves, beyond our family, and beyond our homes, for our community and the world around us. Connecting with and creating with others can be a powerful and inspiring act, as well as a wonderful gift for our children, teaching them how to connect and share their own passions with others.”—Amanda Blake Soule 2008

Recently I got a package from half way around the world. It contained beautiful hand crocheted mandalas and darling hair clips. It made my day and reminded me how very real and very awesome the women are who are sitting on the other side of my computer. (Thank you again Jo…you really are awesome.)

Blogging is such a great way to not only connect with others but to share ideas that can make our home and family lives more beautiful, more fun, and better organized. I love trying the excellent ideas of others. I love seeing photos of skilled craftsmanship. And I love reading about the experiences of others that I can really relate to.

Our little blog is much fun for me. Working together with Elizabeth is wonderful. Making things for my kids is rewarding. And learning new things…well, there is always something new out there to be learned, tried, or created.

Like Thursday when I was here I saw an idea to make a countdown chart here. As I read The Mommy Diaries’ ideas and saw her photos (which are positively adorable) I knew I wanted to make the same thing for my kids.

But as I read on I noticed something else. This awesome woman had gotten this cool countdown idea from another amazing lady over here and then linked me to her source where I perused another fantastic blog full of great ideas.

Now before I go on…let me acknowledge the fact that my countdown chart pales in comparison to their darling work BUT I still love it and my kids are crazy about it…minutes after the picture was taken our countdown chart was moved to a new location where the number was changed to count down the days to Gracie’s birthday.

And there in lies the magic…everyone sharing ideas to help and inspire others to make our homes and in turn our world a happier place to be. That idea took me 2 minutes to read, less than 10 minutes to make and will be fun for weeks to come. Fabulous. Thank you to everyone out there who shares all their great ideas.

Have a creative weekend!

PS–Was this post a little cheesy? Perhaps. But I’m pregnant and hormonal so cut me some slack…and trust me the cheesy liZ is far better than my evil alter ego….really you don’t want to meet liZ the irritably irrational girl of doom…it’s not pretty. Just bask in the cheese.

2 thoughts on “The Art of Homemaking—-Sharing Ideas

  1. So glad you received your gifts.
    I love your post, because it comes at just the right time for me. I often feel so guilty for not doing a project each day with my girls. I am so pleased that these ideas are so appropriate, as my girls will have birthday’s within the next month. much creative love your way- YOU ROCK X

  2. hey I’ve seen the irritable LiZ – if you see red eyebrows, RUNNNNNN
    Love Mom :)
    hey I’m now a blogger – yup check it out at ‘justmeandparky’

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