Make Your Own Crayons

This was a fun project that I saw for the first time over here and since I love activities like this we just had to try it out.

It was easy, fun, and even educational.

First I bought a rubber ice tray at the dollar store that we filled with the naked, broken crayons from the crayon bin.

Next we took the ice tray and put it in our experiment pan (I know the pan looks rough but it gets a lot of serious non-cooking use). Then we put the pan out on the dashboard of the mini van, shut the door, and left it there in the heat. (I don’t know where you live but here it is still HOT!)

In less than and hour the crayons had melted. So we brought them in and because we are impatient put them in the freezer to help the wax set back up quickly.

Finally we popped them out of the tray and had our very own crazy homemade tiki crayons which we used while we talked about things like solids versus liquids and reasons why kids can’t stay in cars watching a movie instead of going into grocery stores with their mother.
Like I said, easy, cheap, and even educational. And since our warm weather is going to be gone all too soon I’m glad we tried this out before it was too late.
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    I have actually done this and it worked sooooo well. (And it immediately made me regret all the peeled, broken crayons I’d thrown away over the years.)

    I used a candymaking tray from the craft store that cost a dollar. There is a heeeeeuuuuge variety of shapes, colors and sizes to choose from!

    Also ice cube trays work: I’m dreaming of making some lego or lego minifigure crayons out of the ice cube trays they sell at the lego store.

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    If it’s too cold where you live, you can also try this. Get a silicone baking tray (they come in all shapes and sizes) and put them in your oven. This way you can do this project all year long!

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    I’ve done this with the kiddo before, but didn’t think to use it as a science lesson! Will give it a try again soon and see what lesson can be learned 🙂

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