Project Run and Play–Disney’s UP! Costumes

Young Ellie to Young Carl: You don’t talk much.  [long pause]  I like you!
When we heard that costumes was on the agenda, we both knew exactly the costumes that we wanted to make—- you see in our community this summer we have had Disney UP-mania.  A local builder, built a life-sized Up house that is awesome and amazing….and we wanted to make some amazing UP! costumes to go with it. So, here is our Carl and Ellie Fredricksen.
Our one problem was getting into the house by ourselves to do the photoshoot.  My sister (who happens to live 3 states away) had an awesome connection.  So, one morning we met the fabulous Sally who let us in and gave us free reign of the house for the photoshoot.  Thanks again Sally!
For Carl’s outfit, we wanted to go with his iconic look in the movie.  It is complete with some wide-leg, chocolate brown trousers, with extra, extra large cuffs at the bottom to mimic his pants in the movie.  He has his vintage “Dick and Jane” shirt on with handmade suspenders and a bowtie, and with his stylish glasses–we think he is one cute Carl.
And our darling Ellie has one of our favorite dresses from the movie– the picnic scene under a tree in the opening vignette. Her 60’s mod jumper dress has a fitted bodice, with a full twirly skirt, added sash and some extra large buttons. As our weather is sometimes very iffy in October, she has an added white peasant shirt to keep her a little warmer.

Ok, this week depends on who makes the final three to show their signature look!  So, please go VOTE!!!!
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    Wow. Those photos are amazing. Great expression on the kids. The costumes are adorable. I love love love that dress. Sweet. And that house is awesome. Holy cow. That is pretty cool. By the way sister’s are amazing, they can get things done from all over the place.

  2. says

    You guys are serious?!! How can I compete with this?!!!

    Simply amazing, just when I think you have hit the top, you go and break on through. Truly genius…I am so very impressed!

    Everything about this is just magic.

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