Project Run and Play– Feather Tutu Tutorial

This feather tutu was a fun project.  I will warn you that there is some handstitching involved….but I found that it holds better and the results make it well worth the hour or so to get it done.

(Learn from me.  My original plan was to tack in on by machine every couple of inches….but it sagged in a lot of spots….so I ended up handstitching it on anyway.)

Here’s what you will need to make one yourself.

* White muslin-or any other broadcloth or cotton that you want to use for the underskirt
* 3 Feather Boas—these can get pricey–so take a friend and some coupons! (Liz used 2 boas for a size 3)
* Hand-quilting thread in white and a needle
* 1 inch non-roll elastic

Here’s how I made mine.  Liz made hers a bit different which I will explain at the end.

(I did this by laying the skirt out on my kitchen counter, and putting in LOTS of pins to keep the boa secure.  Then I could take it to the couch for my handstitching…and movie watching.  It was Mansfield Park that night… a good ole Jane Austen classic 🙂

( I forgot to add put your elastic through your casing…and then hem…forgive my forgetfulness..)
Feather Skirt Collage
Here are the changes that Liz made to hers.
*Since her dress was drop waisted dress she made her tutu skirt shorter.
* Instead of using elastic, she gathered the top edge of her tutu skirt fabric to match the dress.
*Then using buttons or snaps, attach the tutu skirt to the drop-waisted dress…and you’re DONE!
Thanks everyone!  Oh and I forgot to add one thing….you will need your vaccuum while working with the boas…they tend to shed at the beginning….but it does become less and less.
Just be prepared to have your workspace look a bit like a chicken coop while handsewing 🙂
Happy Wednesday!!!
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    OMG! I love it and so would my daughter… This is so pretty and fun. I think I might have to make one for myself…

    Jeanna @

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    A chicken coop? My house looked like a feather factory (or a slaughter house as Jon said) but it was worth the mess. I love how they turned out and Grace LOVES wearing hers.

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    This is adorable! I have no idea where my daughter can wear a feathered skirt, but she needs one.

    PS my word verification is fuzzeduc which I read at first as fuzzy duck, appropriate for the post I think.


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