Project Run and Play– "Girls of a Feather Dresses"

This week’s challenge was to do a pattern remix of Lil Blue Boo’s Sienna Dress.  And here is what we made….

The inspiration for these “Girls of a Feather” dresses was a late-night phone collaboration that went something like this:

“What are we going to do to make the pattern different?”
“Let’s do something more formal….because the pattern is pretty casual”
“I think we should do all white dresses….I love white on little girls”

 And so it began.  Since there are two of us and two of us sewing in the competition, we decided that we were both going to make white dresses with feathers.  We ended up adding the feathers to seperate Tutu skirts, because we both want them to be easy to wear and  wash….so the tutus can be removed, dresses washed and then put back on.

Liz used the pattern to make a darling knit drop-waisted dress with a removable feather collar and feather tutu at the bottom.  Her dress has an added sash with a bow.

I made my dress out of white muslin (I am on a muslin kick, have you noticed?).  I added 1/4 inch elastic around the neck and sleeves to the pattern and added the feather tutu as the over-skirt as well.  I also added a sash around the middle and then made a chrysanthemum singed flower on the front for some added detail.  I will show you both the chrysanthemum flower and the feather tutu tutorials next week.  (I was a good girl this week and took some pictures…most were late at night….so let’s hope they turned out :)

So, there they are!
Please go to Project Run and Play and VOTE for your favorite project this week!  I seriously can’t wait to see what amazing things everyone came up with! 

Have a great weekend!

11 thoughts on “Project Run and Play– "Girls of a Feather Dresses"

  1. Those are adorable and very unique! I love that even though you typically do more classic looks you can pull this off too. I’m looking forward to the flower tutorial.

    I love what you’ve made once again!

    and thank you so much for your sweet comments on my last post. I was bummed to be kicked off so early- but I’m excited to follow the rest of the season!

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