Thrifted Thursday: Another Way to Use Vintage Trims

Yesterday I worked on some new shirts for Grace. The poor girl doesn’t really have any clothes that fit so I bought her some plain T-shirts ($3.88 at Wal-Mart) and have been busy gussying them up.

As almost everyone knows, I save everything…and that includes trim and ribbon scraps. In the basement lurks a bin holding random scraps of yarns, ribbons, and trims just waiting for the day when they might come in useful. And yesterday was that day. 

I used random scraps of leftover vintage lace and ribbon I bought like last year at a thrift store and made three bows which I attached to the top of her shirt. Simple, easy and it gave me a chance to use up a few of my vintage scraps.

After I was finished I picked out a few ribbon scraps as well. They weren’t thrifted or vintage but worked perfectly to fancy up one of her plain black T’s. (Gracie is hoping to be able to wear this one to Disneyland.)
These ribbon scraps gave me an idea for another shirt project and skirt to match…smaller bows…more of them….different placement…..I like the idea but am still working on it…this one may take awhile. Until then Grace can wear these and the other one I made her.
PS—The other one I made her is my favorite—it involves iron ons, applique, and breakfast foods. We love it but won’t be sharing it until next week.
PPS—Remember that whole thing about my husband jumping on the band wagon? Well, he’s still enjoying the DIY ride and my house is still wrecked. I’m praying his massive project of doom is finished quickly or I am going to be using the rest of my vintage trims to weave myself a new place to live out in the backyard.
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    such an obvioius idea (so of course i couldn’t think of it) my daughter has no clothes that fit either. i keep thinking i don’t have time to sew her things from scratch, but i can def. pick up some things from walmart! thank you duh! 🙂

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    Hope you live in a warmer place than we do….because an outside nest would be cold right now! LOL Hope that your renovations finish soon…you can write your name in the dust at my house between the dry wall and MDF dust! 🙂

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