$5 Christmas: A Christmas Tree Skirt

Ok…I am breaking the bank on the first day.  Sorry.  This project actually cost me $5.98 for the drop cloth, I had everything else.  But, I promise I will make up the 98 cents…..next time!

The inspiration for this tree skirt came from this Pottery Barn pillow which I think is darling and the drop cloth idea from Miss Mustard Seed.  Although I thought hers ruffle tree skirt was a drop cloth–it’s not, it’s linen–that was my failure to read ;)
The other funny thing is I had remembered the pillow wrong and thought that the holly leaves were white on the oatmeal linen.  Add to that this Christmas tree skirt that I saw last year (and took me forever to find again)….so I guess it really came from my mixed-up mind!
If you want to make one, here’s what you need to do.
An afternoon’s worth of work….and a Christmas tree skirt that didn’t cost $100 and will match any color scheme. Yippee.

11 thoughts on “$5 Christmas: A Christmas Tree Skirt

  1. I have been sewing ‘forever’ and never thought to use a drop cloth! I’ve used fabric shower curtains (some are gorgeous!), sheets and tablecloths as fabric alternatives. I love that this is neutral and goes with any style or color decor. The 3-D effects add a beautiful pop. nice job!

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