$5 Christmas—An Infinity Scarf

While perusing the local dollar store a couple of weeks ago {please tell me that I am not the only one}, I saw a stack of sweatpants sitting in a bottom bin.  And the fabric hoarder voice in me said, “hmmm…..that’s a lot of fabric for a dollar.”  And so I bought a pair of size XXL purple fleece sweatpants and threw them in my “to be sewn pile.”
Well, then one afternoon, I pulled them out and saw that the inside was a soft fleece and a very pretty purple color and decided to do something with them.
So, I turned them into an infinity scarf.  In about 15 minutes flat.  I didn’t take a lot of pictures, so I will do my best to explain what I did.  And the best part of the deal is they cost 50 cents a piece –2 for a dollar? Seriously.  And they look so cute.

Here’s what I did…

(I used the inside as my “right sides”—it was such a pretty color and textured fleece.)
And you are done.  An easy peasy Christmas present for any fashion girl on your list.  Or neighbor.  Or friend.  Or you!

14 thoughts on “$5 Christmas—An Infinity Scarf

  1. Really fabulous idea! I love the textured “wrong” side of sweats! I have an old pair sitting in my closet, from my heavier days. I’m thinking my daughter and I just got new infinity scarves!

  2. How pretty! And I bet it is SO cozy to wear. Although I’m a little offended that you tore apart those glorious sweatpants and didn’t just wear them with pride.

  3. Oh My Goodness!!! you got that from a $1 Store pair of sweat pants…. I would of NEVER thought so… Matter fact I would be the one who would come along and buy from you on Etsy for 45+ :) Now if you come by a MUSTARD YELLOW be sure to let me know… ;)

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