$5 Christmas Dishtowel Apron Tutorial

Today I thought I’d share an easy $5 gift idea.
 I actually shared it a few weeks ago on a friends blog but am posting it over here today just in case anyone is like me and needs some last minute ideas.
It’s my favorite kind of apron—a dishtowel bar apron.
I love it because it is a half apron (I like them best) and because it is made from a dishtowel it washes wonderfully and doesn’t need to be ironed.
(I’m one of those people who hates to iron so anytime I can avoid it….)
Anyways—it’s really easy to make and I’ve listed the instructions below.

Here’s what you’ll need:
#1.  A standard sized dishtowel.  (I bought mine at the Dollar Store.)
#2.  4 pieces of fabric cut into strips measuring 2 and 1/2 inches wide and 44 inches long.
#3.  Any flowers trim etc. you’d like to embellish your apron with.

Step #1.  Sew two of the strips right sides together along one of the long sides.  Then, keeping right sides together sew closed the other long side.  Now repeat this process with the remaining two strips of fabric.

Step #2.  Turn each of the long strips of fabric right side out.

Step #3.  Iron each of the strips of fabric so that they lay flat.
Step#4.  Fold under each end of both strips and iron flat.

Step #5.  Top stitch around the perimeter of both strips.

Step #6.  Attach one strip to each side of the top, back of your dish towel.  (The strips have now become your apron ties.)
Step #7.  ***Optional***  Attach what ever trim, flowers, ect. that you would like to your apron.

You’re done!  They are so easy and I really do use these—because they are made from dishtowels they are affordable to make and I never worry about staining mine since I can just chuck it into the washing machine.  They make fast and affordable gifts.
Now…I’m off to work on a literal stack of last minute gifts I need to finish.  Wish me luck.
(I’m going to need it.)
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    Oh I LOVE this idea.. I LITERALLY have a stack of Brand new dishtowels that I always keep on hand for last minute gifts… So what a fabulous way to put them into EVEN better use!!! Have fun finishing up your gifts… 🙂


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