$5 Christmas—Felt Bow Jewelry

Hannie wanted to make some gifts for her friends and we needed some gifts for some tween and teen cousins, so we sat down one afternoon and made a couple of presents.  Felt bow rings for Hannie’s friends and a necklace and ring set for the cousins.

I ordered all the supplies off etsy or ebay and they are super reasonable…..and if you don’t want to put felt bows on them….you could do anything you want on the front of them.  We got 20 ring backs for about $5  (they are even cheaper in larger bulk) and then the chains and necklace blanks were about the same price.  So, each gift set was only a dollar or two. We used E 6000 because it is a metal glue, but I think an epoxy glue would work.

Here’s what we did….

And there you have it…..perfect for a 6 year old….or a teen, which are both pretty excited about wearing them.

Happy Monday!
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