A Vintagely Modern Skirt

Today we are over at Sewing in No Man’s Land sharing in Kelly’s 12 skirts of Christmas…which, by the way, did you see her Anthropologie knockoff?  Absolutely darling.

P.S. Can I tell you how nervous I was to send pictures to Kelly especially because that girl is one amazing photographer?  Add to that the fact that we haven’t seen the sun in days……argh……so when you go over there…..pretty please don’t judge my pictures against hers.  (That’s all I ask….)

P.P.S  Please don’t judge the name either….my creativity was long gone by the time naming it came around.

8 thoughts on “A Vintagely Modern Skirt

  1. It’s Me Again!!! I just went over and saw your feature on Sewing in No Man’s Land… I tried leaving a comment but it said Comment Error.. And then I tried again and It said I already said that… LOL!! but I was like how is that when I got an error… Well anyways… Your feature was Great and I just said how my Daughters are Big time Skirt and Apron wearing girls along with me.. :) And that how I know you just recently started following my blog but I have a Children’s line as well.. I haven’t put the Blog Site live yet but I thought I would share a Back Post on one of my Children’s item’s on Ruby Jean’s http://shoprubyjean.com/2011/09/making-special-birthday-outfits-and-my-house-apron/

    I will try to go back later and post the comment again… :) Hopefully I won’t get ERROR

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