Holiday Party Games for All Ages and all Under $5

First of all let me apologize for the super long, million picture post that is to follow.
(Actually, I’m not really sorry.  These games really are fun and the picture explains them better than my words can.)
Secondly, I can’t take credit for any of these games because #1 my parents organized all these games and #2 the ideas came from the TV game show Minute to Win It. (And they have a list of all of their games, the rules and needed supplies HERE.  The list is huge and there are tons of fun games.)  Minute to Win It games are great because they work for kids and adults and most of the supplies needed to play you already have in your house.
So….onto the games.  I took these pictures at our family Christmas party last weekend.  (Where I found out that my cousin Shelby follows this blog!  Hey Shelby!!!!)
In our family there are a lot of tiny kids who enjoyed games like this:
A relay race using serving spoons and colored balls…they had to scoop up balls at one end of the room and carry them in their spoons to the bucket at the other end of the room.  Simple, easy and entertaining to watch.
As was this game:
4-7 year olds seeing who could keep their balloons from touching the ground for the longest amount of time.
Now, onto the preteens…
What you probably can’t see is that all these guys have a Chips Ahoy cookie balanced on their foreheads.  Why?  Because the object of the game is to get the cookie from your forehead to your mouth without touching it or letting it fall.  The first person to take a bite wins.
It is a funny game but not as funny as this one:
This game turned out to be the favorite.  It goes like this: clip a pedometer on a headband, set a timer for 60 seconds and then see who can rack up the highest number.  Hilarious—and I think every person age 7 to 16 had to give it a try.  (And you can buy both pedometers and headbands at the Dollar Store.)
Now for the adults.  Here Dads and Uncles are trying to stack dice shaking them in a cup.  (Yes, it can be done.)
And while Dads are fun to watch Grandpa’s are even better!
Here are the Grandpa’s competing to see who can flip the most spoons into a cup in 60 seconds.  (if you look closely you can see 2 spoons flying in the air…one of them is my Dad’s…my Dad is the handsome guy over there on the right hand side.)
Watching or playing these games are entertaining…and simple…you should already have the majority of the supplies needed to play almost any game on the list.  We’ve done Minute to Win it challenges at quite a few parties now and they always prove to be fun.  (We’re actually putting some more together for my husband’s family party coming up soon.)
Fun, inexpensive, and good for all ages…they really are the perfect holiday party games.
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    It is so nice to see that your family is doing such fun activities that everyone can enjoy. What wonderful memories you are creating. I am a new follower visiting from Keeping it Simple. Vicky from Mess For Less

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