A Felt Pirate Hat Pattern

Our family is planning a little Disney trip here soon and we are going to be going to a pirate party.  And since we are traveling I don’t want to take costumes….so here is my easy solution.  A fold up pirate hat, that won’t take up hardly any room in the suitcases.  Perfect.
I used as a starting point a cardboard pirate hat that my kids got at a local pirate restaurant and then changed it for felt.  After cutting out the felt hats, I then decided they needed a bit of stitching….but kind of kid-like and wonky to make them look like kid pirate hats.

I made a pattern if you want to make one too.  Are you having a pirate party soon?  These hats would be an easy and cheap favor.

 Here is the pattern.
Don’t you just love little pirates?  Especially in polka dot pajamas.  They are the best!

15 thoughts on “A Felt Pirate Hat Pattern

  1. Cute hat! You blog showed up twice in my reader (as it did yesterday). I’m wondering if the amperstamp (and sign) is giving you trouble. I know that it does for me sometime. I wonder if you take that out and use the word AND if this would end the problem.

    Love your sewing patterns. I made my daughter the Starboard skirt using gold shantaung (polyester) for Christmas. It was so easy and looked really nice on her (she’s 11). How is it that I have no picture of her wearing it!

  2. I JUST made this…daughter told me grandson had to be dressed as a pirate ONE HOUR before the party started. PHEW. thanks….hat, newspaper sword, and belt all done!

  3. Help! I love this and would love to do this for my daughters upcoming 4th birthday party, but I can’t print for some reason. Can someone please send me the pattern??

  4. These were so simple, thank you. I made 15 of them for daycare. 12 for the kids and 3 for the adults (I just cut the slit a tad larger). I was able to get all of the hats and eye patches done in a weekend.

  5. These are so adorable! Can I ask though, did you use stiffened felt? And did it fit on one 9×12 felt piece?


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