Ruth’s Vintage Silhoutte Slip…and My Chubby Little Secret

The theme this week over at Project Run and Play is “Sewing Through the Decades”.
It’s a theme I could go crazy over.  (In fact, I’ve started a project from the 60′s that I’ve been using some of my precious vintage polyester for…but it’s not quite finished yet….)
Anyways I wanted to make a little something to play along with the week so I pulled out a pattern I bought before baby Ruth was born but that I haven’t tried yet.
It’s one of Simplicity’s reproduction patterns from the year 1952.  I love it.  All the baby items are so clean and simple.  I had a hard time choosing which one to make.  Finally I decided on the slip.
The clothing on the patterns all have been emroidered and some with little angel babies on them.  I liked the idea but decided that I wanted to embroider my own angel baby on the slip.  So I traced Ruth’s silhouette from our Disneyland trip onto the bottom corner and then embroidered that image.
Like I said earlier I love the simplicity of these vintage designs.
Besides the design I also find all white baby clothing absolutley irresistable.
And speaking of irresistable…it’s time for me to share my chubby little secret….
4 months ago Ruth was born, Elizabeth came to the hospital and took some photos and since then I’ve been keeping her all to myself…no photos…no posts…just me smooching her all day and not sharing.
Can you blame me?
I think she is just the greatest.  Baby Ruth…my chubby little secret.
Now if you’ll excuse me—she’s up, and it’s time to play again.

16 thoughts on “Ruth’s Vintage Silhoutte Slip…and My Chubby Little Secret

  1. okay, first of all–that ruby is GORGEOUS. those lips? ruby is the perfect name for her. i don’t blame you for snatching lots of cuddles ;)
    second–if there is ever a challenge that lures me in it’s this one–sewing through the decades? i got so frantic trying to decide which decade to go for that by tuesday (having begun NOTHING) i was talking myself into sewing three separate things.
    which brings me to point #3…is it okay to have two entries in the reader submissions? cause i did decide to be practical…and make just two dresses…and a hat…;)
    oh–and four–totally agree on the babies in white thing–i’m always a sucker for white baby clothes.

  2. Finally! I visit your blog EVERY DAY–and, let’s be honest, it’s not for patterns or project ideas. (The only project I’ve attempted this year ended in me stapling cork board to my dining room table.) I have been patiently (and not so patiently) waiting for a glimpse of your sweet Baby Ruth. Oh, she’s gorgeous. Keep her to yourself. Love you! And I owe you real email.

    Also, even though now I’ve seen Ruth, I’ll probably keep visiting your blog because I love to be reminded of your awesomeness! Miss you.

  3. Oh an Adorable dress to go with a VERY Precious Precious… Baby!! So very Sweet and No, I can’t blame you for wanting to keep her ALL to yourself… It goes by to fast to want to share those Sweet moments… Love the Name Ruth!!

  4. Such a pretty baby.

    I have a very similar baby clothes pattern that I bought when my daughter was tiny, but I never got around to making anything because I wasn’t sure what fabric to use. I know there is a list of recommended fabrics on the back, but I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to sewing clothes and I don’t know what any of those fabric names mean! What would you suggest, and where might I look for it?

    On another note, I’ve been planning to downsize my Google Reader list and get rid of blogs that are wasting my time, but yours is definitely not one of them. Thanks for that!

  5. Sweet mercy, that is one beautiful baby! Seriously, such a gorgeous little girl! Now quite being such a picture hog and gimme more!

    Oh, and I love the slip, too . . . but OHHH I want to snuggle that little chubster! (Can you tell there’s just a teensy smidgen of baby fever running rampart in our house?)

  6. She’s beautiful! And since it’s confession time… I actually like the slips from the other reprint better–Simplicity 2629 from 1948. It’s essentially the same slip, except for one detail–they have facings instead of finishing everything with bias tape!

  7. What a sweet baby. When my Lu was small, i used to make matching slips like this for all of her church dresses. I did a shell hem (by machine) on the neck and armhole. Super quick and easy and it looks so sweet and vintage, and really, once you get the hang of it and your tension/stitch length is right, it looks like handwork. You can even hand-whip some sweet gathered or straight lace behind it to peek out too.

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