A Green Vintage Dress

I finished up this dress over the weekend and am quite happy with it.  Maybe because it’s green and I am longing for warmer weather, or because it’s a different take on a vintage dress than I usually do (I am trying to branch out) but it was a quick and fun project to work on.

The dress came from this vintage pattern below, although the pattern is a size 6 and my 6 year old needs about a size 2/3 in vintage patterns so I basically used it as inspiration and made up my own. 
I pretty much stayed true to the pattern except for the sleeves.  I decided on a 3/4 length sleeve with a few more ruffles on the bottoms to tie into the ruffles on the front.
The one regret is the hem….it is a teeny, tiny hem.  But I was so tight on fabric it is all I could eek out.  I really needed another quarter of a yard…and then it would have had a nice wide hem, but it was a “make do with what you have moment.”  Oh well.
But the good news of the day is….

she likes it…
especially the sleeves.  “Because I love elbow sleeves, mom.” 

33 thoughts on “A Green Vintage Dress

  1. Oh dear heavens. I love A LOT of things that you guys make . . . but this dress just might be new favorite. It is just so, so beautiful! The ruffles are fantastic, the cut of the dress is so vintagely awesome, and that COLOR! A million points to you :-)

  2. Gorgeous! :) If that was in adult size, I’d totally wear it! :) I’ll have to dig through my mom’s patterns again – she sewed a lot of clothes for my sis & I when we were little. They don’t make them like they used to, do they? :)
    And I can’t blame her, I love elbow sleeves too :)

  3. What a cute, cute little dress. I think I actually have this pattern & I have 2 granddaughters ages 6 & 7. The only reason I’ve shied away from vintage patterns is the fitting issues that may be had with them.

    But, now that I see how swell this one looks, I know I’m going to have to give it a go. At the moment, I found a really sweet vintage pattern for bell bottom pants and a matching lightweight jacket to make for them as school clothes.

    May I ask what sort of slip you have for this little dress? I’m planning on making them a couple of pettiskirts…and from what I’ve read, they’re certainly an adventure of their own to make.

    Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing.


  4. I really really love this dress and always have, but just saw it again today and wondered what the number on the pattern is? I would LOVE to try and find a copy of it! You are so so talented. I love green, too!

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