The All You Need is Love Skirt

Last month I shared this skirt tutorial over at Somewhat Simple but thought I better put it up over here before Valentine’s Day was over.  (Although, if you are like me—you haven’t really thought about Valentine’s Day yet….)

I’m calling this skirt the “All You Need is Love Skirt”  but it could be called “The World’s Easiest and Most Inexpensive DIY Valentine’s skirt”.
(It’s made out of a dollar store T-shirt and some scrap felt and took me less than an hour from start to finish.)
Here’s what you’ll need:
*A T-shirt
* Felt
*Embroidery Floss
*Liquid Stitch (optional)
*General Sewing Gear—a measuring tape, scissors, a sewing machine…the usual…
Here’s how to do it:
#1.  Find out the needed length of your skirt.  Do this by measuring your little girl from the waist to the knee (or how ever long you want the skirt to be).  Then add an extra inch and a half to your measurements (the extra is to use for the elastic casing at the top).

#2.  Now lay out your T-shirt, measure from the bottom hem up and cut.  (I cut mine at 11 inches.)  ***Notice that the bottom of your skirt is already hemmed for you from the T-shirt—nice huh? (I told you this was going to be easy.)

#3.  Cut out your letters from the felt.  I just free handed them with the scissors as I was cutting the felt scraps.  But if you like you can draw the letters out on copy paper first, then cut them out and trace them onto the felt first.  (I’m just not that technical—or perhaps I’m just too lazy…)
#4.  Next I “Liquid Stitched” my letters down onto the skirt.  I did this so they would stay in place easier while I was stitching them.  But this isn’t necessary.
#5.  Pull out your embroidery thread and stitch around the edges.  (Since the skirt is for my 3 year old I wanted it to look kind of kiddish and silly so I didn’t worry about making sure all the stitches were the same size or perfectly straight and spaced.)
#6.  Next I made the casing for the elastic around the top and inserted the elastic for the waistband.  I know there are a million tutorials on how to do this but just in case you’d like more instructions on how to do this step you can click over to HERE.
#7.  Enjoy—your all done.  Easy Peasy.
Just make sure you don’t let slip who you’d like your Valentine to be…that can be pretty embarrassing!

Have a great week everybody!

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  1. I found your link on HoH… loved the shot, clicked, and to my surprise, Simple Simon pops up. I should have known! I’ve been a follower for some time and always love your posts! This is darling!

    Leah from Well Rounded,

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