A Guest Post and An Important Requested Link

#1.  A Guest Post:

Today we are over at Kojo Designs participating in their Sewing for Me series.

Believe it or not we do enjoy sewing for ourselves and not just our children.
(Although you might not be able to tell it from our blog—several of you have noticed the lack of any photographic evidence that either of us actually exist—so until we get over our aversion to cameras you’ll just have to trust that we do indeed exist and that we enjoy sewing for ourselves.  Consider it an exercise in faith.)

ANYWAYS…if you want to know what we’re currently working on for ourselves head on over to Kojo’s and check it out.  (Just know that the part of Elizabeth will be played by a Hobby Lobby mannequin and not Elizabeth herself.)

#2.  An Important Requested Link:

A few weeks ago I wrote about these Bereavement Gowns
It is one of my favorite projects
and I intend to make more.
Many of you requested a way for you to become involved and I was fortunate enough to be sent the contact information of a lovely lady named Heidi who is a photographer from Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep and has a wide network in which to distribute these gowns through. 
If you are interested please visit her website or her blog.  She has several different patterns and sizing charts available as well as contact information.  Becoming involved would be so easy.  (I’ll even deliver the gowns to her if you like—if you make them I’ll take them—every last one of them, just send me an email and I’ll send you the address.)
I don’t know really how to write about how the comments and emails from this post have affected me without sounding stupid or superficial.  (Unfortunately, I am much better at writing sarcasm or about eating nachos than I am about serious feelings.) 
Just please know that my heart aches for each one of you that has lost a child and know also that from the bottom of my heart I appreciated every email,comment, and story.  Often blogging can be just dumb—meaningless projects…bad ideas…whatever… but other times it can be something really wonderful…women sharing with and supporting each other. 
Thank you for letting me part of that better community if only for a day.
I hope your day will be a good one.

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  1. Perfect timing! I’ve been thinking about this a lot as we had a little boy who was stillborn and would be turning 5 this month. It’s a little hard because there are 5 little nephews all born within a couple of months of each other that are turning 5 as well. Makes it kind of hard to forget. I’ve been trying to think of ways to “remember” him without getting a little down. My new inspiration came because of the timeliness of this post. Make an outfit every year at this time, a positive way to remember our little boy.

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