A White Robe….vintage style

I had this great vintage pattern for a little robe and nightgown set or “peignoir” as the 1950′s pattern called it.  So, I cut them out and began to sew.

But, unlike most vintage patterns I find…..this pattern was totally off.  When I went to sew the yokes on the sleeves/ bodices, it didn’t fit.  And not just by a little bit.  By a huge gaping hole.
At first I thought it was me, that I had cut something wrong, or gathered something wrong.  So, I checked the pattern again and again.
This time is wasn’t me (it usually is), it really was the pattern.
So, I took the whole bodice/sleeves apart and started again.  And made it work.  But phew…was it frustrating.
And after sitting on the “to do” pile for a while, it is now officially done.
With some little pink vintage buttons to close it.
I am glad that it eventually worked and didn’t go into the “scrap heap.”  Because unfortunately there are a bunch of craft fails in there.  Hmmm, maybe I need to give some of them a second chance too.
What about you, any fun sewing projects this week?

5 thoughts on “A White Robe….vintage style

  1. Elizabeth another beautiful ‘vintage’ piece. Your sews are always impeccable and spot on with every little detail. Some little girl will love that robe.

  2. Is that adorable or what? It makes me want to be a little girl
    all over again…I think I’d have to do some whirling around
    and around. Your little girl will be so cute in that.

  3. oh my. that is beautiful.

    i always wanted a son. and that’s what i got. and i have NEVER regretted it for a moment.

    but i look at some of these things and it makes me wish so fiercely that i had a little girl.

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