Craft Stick Puppets—Perfect for Something On a Stick Day

Did you know that tomorrow is “Something On A Stick Day”?
Well, it is.
And I’m not making it up either….Like all those other times that I mentioned here.
So in honor of this special day we made these little people for a post dinner performance:
We actually made a couple of sets.  These guys are for Simon.
But we made some for Gracie as well.
(As you can probably guess she picked some princesses but then she also wanted a Little Red Riding Hood set.)
Painting these puppets was a perfect Sunday afternoon project.
And if you want to make some here’s what you’ll need:
 I bought the craft stick people at Hobby Lobby in the wood crafts section but I’m thinking you could probably find them at Micheal’s as well.
Then after you have your supplies you can make the puppets as detailed or as simple as you’d like.
I decided to make mine REALLY SIMPLE so we could finish all in one sitting.
So if you’d like to make yours like we made ours just follow these steps:
…and finally…
And your done.
(Now, you can totally forget about the Sharpie step if you like.
I just had some brand new Sharpie’s and wanted to give these little people a more cartoonish, paper doll kind of style but if that’s not your thing skip the Sharpie and finish early.)
Here’s Gracie’s requested Little Red Riding Hood set:

Unfortunately the Big Bad Wolf came out like the love child of the Werewolves of London and that Pringles guy.
Oh well.  You can’t win them all right?

And here are the princesses…
Snow White, Tinkerbell, Ariel, and Rapunzel.
(I guess some of them aren’t really princesses but, don’t tell that to Gracie unless you are prepared for a battle.)

These were fun to make and super easy and it got me to thinking that I am going to make some more for this summer…I’m planning a boys of summer reading thing for Simon and I’m thinking that painting these like the characters from the books we are going to read and then using them for bookmarks would be funny.
(I’m picturing characters like Captain Nemo, Huck Finn, Mr. Toad, and Long John Silver…and then having a little puppet talk show after we’ve read everything where they can fight it out over who is the toughest….)
Anyways—Happy Something on A Stick Day tomorrow!
Now I’ve just got to plan what we are going to eat for dinner.
And NO it will not be corn dogs.
 Humm…I don’t supposed there is anyway to put nachos on a stick is there?
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  1. says

    What a great idea! I don’t think I’d ever find premade stick people here in Noumea LOL, but I’m pretty sure that I have some of icecream sticks in the craft cupboard and definitely have cardboard laying about. We have a pedagogic day today so it is the perfect project for the kids and I! Thank you!

  2. says

    OH my lordy I love this. Super cute and I had never seen stick people well other then the drawing kind. I am going to have to run into our hobby lobby to see if they have them. My daughter would love this. Shoot I need some new book marks. Great post.

  3. says

    Eeek, Liz -these are adorable. Must go hunt the sticks down in Michaels. We have no hobby lobbies here. I have to visit my inlaws in Fargo-Moorhead to get to a HL. Like a pilgrimage, almost! Thank you for this craft. My three girls will LOVE this.

  4. says

    I am dying a little inside.
    Today I went to AC Moore AND Michaels and they DON’T carry these! Blast!

    I’ll have to make the epic journey to our nearest HobLob…totally worth it if mine can be as cute as yours!

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