Little Lady Lace Suspenders

Ever since I made Simon’s suspenders I’ve been dying to make Grace a pair as well.  So last month I finally got around to it and I made her some ruffled ribbon suspenders.
The only problem was that before I was even finished with them I knew that I would have to make another pair….out of ruffled lace.
I actually think I like them even better than the ruffled ribbon ones which I kind of love.
And they are easy to make–you just follow the exact same steps except use lace instead of ribbon and 1/4 inch elastic instead of 1/2 inch.  Easy!
It’s literally a 15-20 minute project.
The only sad thing is…
…as Grace and I were taking pictures I realized that white lace doesn’t show up very well when photographed on top of a white shirt.  (Even if it looks really cute like that in real life.)
Darn it.
Oh well.  At least we still got to go get french fries and soda’s afterward so it wasn’t a complete loss.
PS—Is anyone else wild about knickers right now or is it just me???
(These are a pair I made for Grace last fall but have several more on the cutting block for this spring—I guess, that is fair warning about some of my upcoming posts…I’ll try not to go knicker crazy but I can’t promise anything….except that there will be more french fries and soda.)
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    So cute! I might even be able to get my girly girl to wear pants once in a while if there are lace suspenders attached! And yes, I love knickers too. My daughter has worn velvet ones with pretty sweaters for “casual” holiday events. Adorable!

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    Cute! I LOVE knickers so bring “em on! The rewards part of the photo shoot is always great! I wish I could eat french fries and sodas these days, but it’s still fun to reward my girls! Lucky little Grace! Also….she needs some lace on top of those socks to go with the cute lace suspenders.

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