More Onesie Embellishments

Last month I got to share a baby project over at Delia Creates for her Nesting series.  (She’s had her baby by the way—and she’s beautiful.)  But I never posted it over here…
…and since my baby Ruth has been sick with a fever for the past 4 days I haven’t sewn much.
So today I’m re sharing these…which isn’t a bad thing…and anytime I can talk about baby Ruth I’m a happy mom.   So here she is:
Five months ago I had Ruth.  Bald, beautiful, blue-eyed baby Ruth.  I’m in love.
I’m perpetually convinced that all my babies are the most perfect things I’ve ever seen.
I’m not vain—I realize every that mother thinks this about her baby.  And that’s ok.
That’s the way it should be.
We’re mom’s, that’s what we do—we see the best in our children.
With all my babies I’ve had their photos taken in white onesies.  A pristine, white onesie is far and away my favorite baby item.  No fancy dress or adorable sleeper can compete in my mind.  I love me a baby in a onesie.  I don’t know if it’s the white or the simplicity or the fit but they have always been my favorite item.  So today I’m sharing with you how to personalize these little gems.
Ruth has some legs….seriously…they are AWESOME…and not that I need to draw more attention to them but I just can’t help myself.  So one of the things I like to do is cut a little shape out of felt (in this case a heart) and place it by the top of her thigh in the back.  Then I attach it by running a stitch around the outside edge of the shape with embroidery floss.
While I was expecting Ruth I had some complications and spent a lot of time “resting”.  During that time I embroidered for the first time (a onesie in fact) and I was hooked.
 It is such an easy process!  Just draw what you want on your fabric and stitch over the top!
 I made Ruth these wings the other day during a phone call with my brother on his lunch break.  Like I said…it’s easy and the possibilities are endless.
You can even make something like this.
This morning I was watching Grace (my 3 year old) playing with Ruth and I had this idea….
 and now Ruth has Xavier Robert’s name written on her baby bum…and I totally love it!
(Come on…I can’t be the only one who had a Cabbage Patch doll when I was little.)
Onesies are the best and embroidery is just plain fun.
(And did you know that February is National Embroidery Month?  It’s true.)
So even if you’ve never embroidered before grab a onesie and some floss and get going. I promise you’ll love it—and I know you’re going to want to make your little doll an Xavierized bum.

Since posting this I’ve had emails asking if you can wash embroidered onesies—yes and yes and that includes the ones with felt.  At least I’ve washed mine.  But if you wash the felt in too hot of water it can get all shrinky dinky…so I usually wash mine in cold.

Oh—and one more thing—the Cabbage Patch Doll I looked at when making this onesie had bluish purple writing on it’s bum BUT the original old school ones were written in green…so I had to make another one.  Cause there’s no school like the old school right?
Man…I need to get more sleep.

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  1. says

    Lovely embellishments!!! I have a boy Cabbage Patch Kid, made 1984 with a black signature and a Premie Cabbage Patch Kid, made 1985 with a light blue signature.

  2. says

    I’m in love with the autographed bum. And I’m making one of those! And one with the My Child hear on it, ’cause My childs (which are from the same era) are much cuter than CPKs ever were….

  3. says

    Oh dear, she is just so beautiful! I can’t believe how much she looks like Grace . . . I guess you must’ve used the same recipe 🙂 Beautiful baby and such darling onesies!

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