Finish what you started week…a recap.

I did finish quite a few things last week.  This little dress had been sitting on the dress form….for weeks.
All she needed was buttons and a hem (can you tell they are not my favorite steps?) to be completed.  She was only about a week late as a birthday present for our little neighbor girl, but she was finally given to her rightful owner.  
A little 60′s sundress made with vintage fabric for the skirt….for me, sewing just does not get any better.

Other projects finished–a pair of chambray bubble shorts for my class, a little girl’s caftan (I. am. in. love. with. this. one!) and a jacket for my class project as well.  I have to turn those in this week for grading, but as soon as I get them back I will certainly show you.
And the blouse!  It’s finally done….hand-stitching and all (please remind me of that fact next time I feel like silk is a great option).
I will show you that soon too!  I need to photograph it.
Anyone accomplish anything out of the pile last week? 

7 thoughts on “Finish what you started week…a recap.

  1. I was very proud of myself as EIGHT things disappeared from my pile this week! 7 of them only needed the finishing touches– strings tied and cut and such– two dresses, a bucket hat, a pair of shorts, a skirt, and two pairs of leggings. I also am really bad about cutting things out and not sewing them together. So, I finished a shirt from that pile (worst. material. ever) and luckily it still fit my daughter!


  2. WOW what a lucky little girl to have gotten such a gorgeous dress. I’m never disappointed with your blog and the great work you do!

  3. This dress is adorable! Do you happen to have the pattern available or plan to tut this? As I usually am, I’m totally impressed with your creations. I did manage to complete a few things – some burp cloths, ruffled baby bloomers and if I can break away from my computer and bracelet!

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