Slashed 80’s Vest

Just when you thought I had finally exhausted my list of crazy projects to make from Dollar Store T-shirts (You know like the Hostess Cupcake SkirtsCardigan VestsMaternity SkirtsLove Skirts…and the list goes on ) I make another one…and it may be the craziest one yet.
Here’s the story—I was going through Grace’s drawers and reorganizing her clothes when I came across THIS VEST that I made for her.  She hadn’t worn it in awhile and I wondered what I could do to make it new again.
And I don’t know…maybe it was the old school Micheal Jackson music I was listening to (Beat It…Thriller…Billy Jean…) but I decided to turn it into a slasher style vest like some shirts I had way back in the day.
So I took that vest and gave it some slices with my rotary cutter like this:
and Grace ended up with a vest that would have made Debbie Gibson (or Tiffany) proud.
Did I say proud?  I meant envious.
(Especially after all the accessories were added.)
So there you have it.  Another wacky T-shirt project.  And I’m not done yet.  I have two more shirts (one which is just a shirt version of this vest), 3 skirts, and a jumper on the way.  And then a small tower of some other knit madness to share.  Then I’ll think about stopping…for awhile….maybe.
PS—My husband just told me that he doesn’t remember Tiffany!
Are you kidding me?
She was only the coolest person in the entire world when we were in 6th grade…the awesome vests and jackets…that feathered hair….the mall appearances…
But if you are like my husband (or not as old as I am) you can click on over here to see who I’m talking about.
And just to be fair here’s a little  Debbie Gibson goodness as well.
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    Cute outfit on your sweet little girl, even if I feel my “tic” reappearing at the thought of ME ever dressing ’80s again. Why did I not remember Tiffany having red hair? I guess my head says we were ALL bleach blondes back “in the day”. 🙂

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