The Art of Homemaking: Deadlines (Because Schedules Just Aren’t Tough Enough)

Here’s the thing…I tried to make a schedule I really did….but…it didn’t work.
In college I had a professor who chewed me out for being too much of a “free spirit”…and I was, and am…it’s hard for me to stick to a schedule because if I think of an idea I usually go and do it…right then…no matter what else is going on.  For instance while I’m sewing I might decide that now is a great time to help Gracie make a butterfly painting I just thought of or while I’m sweeping I remember that Simon needs his soccer socks washed….and then I’m off onto something else…it’s just the way I am.  So why fight it?   I’m not going to win.  I think I’m programed to just be impulsive.
That said—I don’t live my life with everything only partially completed…well, at least not everything.  :)
I thought a lot about how I work these past two weeks and I realized something.  Schedules are never going to work for me.  But deadlines—–deadlines are golden.  (I think that I work best under pressure.)
And then I realized I’ve been making myself deadlines (or rules) for years without even knowing it.  For example—I won’t turn on the computer everyday until I’ve done my morning reading.  And I don’t do my morning reading until my bed is made.  So if I think about someone I need to send an email to I better hurry up make my bed and get my reading done so I can turn on the computer. 
Understanding this about myself I came up with some more deadlines—like before Simon leaves for school EVERYONE needs to be up,fed, and dressed in what they are wearing for the day, laundry needs to be sorted, and my list of things to accomplish for the day needs to be made.  (It works like a charm.)
I’ve made other daily deadlines but I won’t make you suffer through them.  You get the idea.  (I just can’t believe it has taken me so long to consciously think this through.)  Now, I know that not everyone is flakey like me… 
 I have a friend, for instance, that does use a schedule and does the same thing at the same time everyday.  I couldn’t do that but it works for her.  I also know someone who makes a list and just needs to cross everything off before she goes to bed at night. 
What ever works as long as we get done what we need to.  The only thing I suggest is knowing what works best for you—understanding (and doing) what works best for you makes all the difference.  If you capitalize on your strengths (or your craziness like me) you will get so much more done and be way more efficent than trying to copy anyone else’s methods. 
(Trust me—if you are not a schedule girl it’s never going to work.  Not even if you made a big old laminated poster to write in every half hour of the day what you should be doing during that time—like I said trust me…if it’s not you it won’t work.)
Alright—next week I want to review our first 3 “facets” and then tell you about the 4th—and it’s a doosy!  But right now I’ve got to go, it’s soccer game day and we’ve got to get ready to go!
Hope you all have a great weekend.

3 thoughts on “The Art of Homemaking: Deadlines (Because Schedules Just Aren’t Tough Enough)

  1. I’m a free spirit too, I just can’t make myself do something at a specific time if I’m not feeling it (unless I have too, like attending a class or appointment time, but I probably won’t like it!)

    I guess that is part of why I am well suited to staying home; my husband loves a schedule, and even when he is home on leave tries to schedule the day, and eventually gets frustrated when foiled by a kid that naps longer than planned, or food that takes longer to thaw. He is always a little relieved when he gets to go back to work where things tend to happen as planned! When you are at home sometimes you have just got to roll with it, and sometimes you just have to wait for inspiration to strike!

  2. This makes so much sense to me. I am glad you posted it. :) You are so talented. Thanks for sharing your gifts with the rest of us.

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