Vintage Aprons for $5 Friday

 Yesterday I was at my mom’s house when she showed me a “new” pattern and the apron she made using it…I totally loved it.  So she let me go through her fabric stash and make an apron of my own for Gracie.
I picked out a piece of Riley Blake’s Bloom and Grow line and got to work (while making my mom listen to me tell her all about one of mine and Elizabeth’s recent adventures).  I was literally done with the entire project (but not my story) within 30 minutes.  It was awesome.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me to take a picture of the cover of the pattern but my mom photo copied it so I could take a picture of it when I got home.  Here is what it looks like:

Sweet huh?
 It is a Simplicity pattern from 1953.  The pattern cover is falling apart but the illustrations are just so cool I wanted to share them with you all.  (Look at that apron done in white with the blue trim!)
When I tried the apron that I made on Grace later in the afternoon she loved it even though she looked like this in all most of the photos:
 It ticked her off that I made her an apron with giant pockets and then (horror of all horrors) made her get her picture taken WITHOUT having her hands in her them.  (Or without having the pockets filled to capacity with coins, crayons, and Strawberry Shortcake dolls.)
Honestly, look at that face, it was serious business.  Those pockets are awesome and she just KNEW that the picture would be better with her hands INSIDE the pockets.
See mom…I told you so…
Oh yes Grace, that looks much better.
But my husband said I can’t complain–he claims that he’s seen those same exact same looks given out by someone else who lives in this house.
I wonder who he could be talking about?
Hummmm…it must be Simon.  Yea, Simon, that must be who he’s talking about.

***Ack! When I posted this I forget to explain what this has to do with $5 Friday—-it’s this—these little girl apron’s are so tiny that you can make them using only a half yard of fabric which…….will cost you less that $5.   (And you don’t have to even use this vintage pattern.  Most little girl aprons only take that small amount of fabric to make.)

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    Liz just darling, love those vintage patterns redone with a modern twist – Riley Blake never disappoints. And your Mom is just like mine, every time I visit it’s a quick browse through her stash to ‘borrow’ some fun fabric. It keeps them clean and holds their goodies, now I’m on the hunt for that one.

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    i love that fabric (aww orange) and how perfect for the kids. i totally need to make myself an apron this year for gardening. and come to think of it, none of my kids have aprons that fit anymore, hmm. add more to the list.

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    This is so cute! My girls would love wearing it but would be pretty upset too about not being able to fill up the pockets right away. I am a little nervous about trying some of the vintage patterns but one day I will get there.

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    This is so cute, I love how it flares out and I LOVE vintage patterns, so much style! They don’t make em the way they used to. Your little model is adorable too!

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