Due to Spider Attacks the Art of Homemaking Post is Being Rescheduled! (And some other stuff…)

So I’ve spent the last few days mulling over the life expectancy of van dwelling spiders and decided that without a food source my mini monster wouldn’t be with us much longer.
Yesterday I’m stopped at a light when I see a black spot on the corner of my sunglasses.  When my eyes focus on the speck I realize it’s the spider!   ON MY SUNGLASSES!! ON MY FACE!!!! So being the rational person I am I rip off my sunglasses and throw them against the front window, sending the spider flying off who knows where. 
Now the light is green and I start to go when my right hand feels all tingly.  I look down and it is crawling with spider babies.  SPIDER BABIES!!! 
No.  I’m not kidding.
Do I look like I’m kidding?
(Ok, so you can’t see me but trust me, I don’t look like I’m kidding.)
That dang spider laid her eggs somewhere in my van and the hatched.
She laid eggs!!!
Ack! I am so freaking out. 
I squashed the babies right on my hand (so gross) and drove like a crazy person to get us home and out of the horror mobile.  Then last night I made my husband vacuum out every nook and cranny of that mini van…he and Simon found 2 spiders in there but both were tiny.  So I’m afraid the queen mother is still hold up somewhere in there and plotting her revenge on me for killing her babies.
Which leads me to wonder…can you fumigate a mini van?
Hum….let’s think on this while I change the subject for a minute….

I have a few unspider related things to share:

#1.  I washed Gracie’s Fringed Skirt and it is waaaaay cuter washed.  It makes the fringe even more um, fringier (Is that a word?).  But now I like it more than I did before. 

And last night (after the van was re vacuumed) we made her up some fringed shirts that we’ll post next week.  And we even made one with beads! 

#2.  The voting is up over at Project Run and Play and their theme for the week was “color”.  You should head over their, check out their work and vote for your favorite design.  (The contestants have made some really great out fits this week.) 

And I’m super excited for next week’s challenge—it will be a movie inspired outfit.  (It’s a theme I totally want to try….I just need to settle on one idea and get started instead of brainstorming more and more possibilities.)

#3.  I’ve already started the next Art of Homemaking chapter and I’m totally into it.  (Not like wearing real clothes and make-up chapter.)  I’ll give you a hint what it’s about—it has to do with that old adage “A place for everything and everything in it’s place.”

It is so cool and I’m so excited about it that it will probably take several weeks to work through (especially since we’ll be going through it room by room).  We’ll kick it off next week with some quotes and I’ll report on what I’ve already started with.

Now I’ve got to go.  (Simon has a soccer game this morning which means we all have to drive in the van with the you know what.)  Wish us luck!
*Note:  If you haven’t been around here for a week this post may not make any sense….so if that is the case just know that I’ve been worried all week about a sneaky spider who has decided to make my mini van her home….and hope (like I do) that she goes away soon so that I stop talking about it.

18 thoughts on “Due to Spider Attacks the Art of Homemaking Post is Being Rescheduled! (And some other stuff…)

  1. EEEp!!! I hope you’re able to get rid of queen spider momma soon so you can return to your regularly scheduled life (oh, and drive like a normal person Haha!). That would really wig me out too!! I hate buggy things crawling on me…ew!

  2. oh my goodness! i have a spider baby story too. i was working in an assisting living facility quit a few years back as the resident coordinator and many times i would work 3rd shift. one night i was mopping the shower room when i saw a huge spider crawling. so i took the mop and killed it. but the moment i hit that spider millions…no billions of spider babies scattered. i mean scattered to where they could never been seen. so at 2am i was freaking out over spiders in the shower room by myself with a bunch of old people sleeping. thankfully they could not hear me screaming! i totally feel for you and yes, fumigate that car! i would take the kiddos car seats out and that kind of stuff, but i would do it and then just do a quick wipe over handles, doors, windows and such just in case. aww man! and i cannot wait for this weeks challenge either. i havent started yet, but at least this week i already know what im going to make and not make it up as i go along like i did last week:) have a great day!

  3. Oh my gosh, I would probably have crashed my car! I flipping hate spiders, and just hearing about you having baby spiders crawling on you made me feel itchy all over!

    I hope you are free of them now!

  4. Ok…Liz it is time to get your van to that Firehouse carwash place….they detailed my van last summer after a popcorn explosion on the way back from IL. Let’s just say it wasn’t a pretty sight.

    Make THEM get the spider mama…..


  5. Ok…Liz it is time to get your van to that Firehouse carwash place….they detailed my van last summer after a popcorn explosion on the way back from IL. Let’s just say it wasn’t a pretty sight.

    Make THEM get the spider mama…..


  6. My dad does pest control. I don’t think cleaning will do the trick, especially with babies. Not to freak you out more, but have you considered that there must be a Daddy somewhere? Hire a professional to spray the whole car and engine. After a few hours it will dry and you’ll be fine…as long as your kids don’t lick the windows (maybe my kids do…) I’m impressed you kept your cool enough to not crash.

  7. All natural spider repellent spray : 2 c water, 4 drops dish soap (an emulsifier) and 15-20 drops lemon essential oil. Put in a spray bottle, shake it up and mist every surface you can. Spiders don’t like citrus on their feet. I used this last summer when one got in my baby’s crib. Those suckers never came back! Plus, your minivan will smell awesome!

  8. Oh. My. Gosh. Spider babies???? That is so wrong.
    I am laughing and shuddering here in sympathy!! I sure hope you can get them out of there. Otherwise? Maybe it’s time for some car shopping.

  9. Holy cow, this made me laugh! And then I felt like I had little legs all over me. So thanks for the first. And at least the spider baby legs I’m feeling are imaginary!… I hope.

  10. Oh your post just made me shake all over. I hate spiders and especially in the car. I would have had a attack if they were on my sunglasses. It is about as bad as one crawling on you in bed. I hope you get the spider out of the van soon.

  11. GROSS. I am so sorry! I hope you get rid of them (or have someone else get rid of them!) soon and let us know what works for you. I once had one spider on me when driving and I screamed and had to pull over.

  12. That is one of my biggest fears! A spider left its big ol’ egg sack in my rosemary bush. I know they eat other bugs and yadda yadda yadda, but I made my husband get rid of it. They just creep me out. I bet you can fumigate it. Or park it in a really, really hot place with the windows up and the heat running? Eck.

  13. I totally feel for you, though I did have to laugh! My husband is always making fun of me for thinking this kind of thing can happen. Well done for getting home in one piece!

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