The Ladies of Verona

“Two households, both alike in dignity
In fair Verona, where we lay our scene…”
It’s no secret that I like Peg dolls…a lot…ok, more than a lot.
I’ve shown you how to make them HERE, how to paint them for boys HERE, heck I’ve even turned them into necklaces and canvases to hang on your wall but I’m not quite done yet.
These are the latest set of peggies that I’ve made.  I dressed these girls in Riley Blake’s new Verona line of fabric and then decorated their little house to match.

I love the bright colors on their tiny bodies.
And I still wish that I could pull off one of their mod haircuts….and the salmon colored hair…

…or maybe the turquoise…
…one day…
but that day is not today. 
Today I’m working on two more peg people projects and trying to find the monster living in my van.
One of the projects is something fun for little boys
and the other has me drawing peg people on fabric for a skirt for Gracie.
As for the van I think it has been recently inhabited by a spider…one who likes to make webs…a lot of webs…all over the dash board… and it’s freaking me out!  Seriously.  Everytime I get in the dang thing I’m looking under seats and in vents.  I just know that I’m going to be driving down the road when suddenly I’ll be ambushed from above.  It’s terrifying.
Yes, I said terrifying.  You try driving around with a mystery spider as a back seat driver.  It’s not awesome.  (Come on I can’t have been the only one to have seen Arachniphobia and have been scarred for life.)  And I have to drive today!  Ahhhhh!  Heaven help me!

14 thoughts on “The Ladies of Verona

  1. Ewwww, the spider freaks me out. I would be just as worried as you and probably have a hard time even getting into the car. Yes, I admit I am a child of the 80′s and 90′s and I was scarred by Arachniphobia.
    Can’t wait to see the skirt for Gracie, I am sure it will be darlin.

  2. those are adorable!!! i have to tell you that the pegs you sent us are one of their favorite toys. they play with those more then the doll house or the stuff inside. did you mod podge the fabric? adorable!

  3. Why ARE there so many spiders this year? Or does it just feel like that? I found one hanging over the crib!!!!! AHHHHHH—totally freaked me out.

    And the peggies….they are absolutely darling. Seriously.


  4. Why ARE there so many spiders this year? Or does it just feel like that? I found one hanging over the crib!!!!! AHHHHHH—totally freaked me out.

    And the peggies….they are absolutely darling. Seriously.


  5. I love those little peg dolls—they remind me of the Fisher Price people I played with growing up. I’m kind of mad they stopped making those. We had a little house with a doorbell . . .

    I think my daughter would have just as much fun playing with these, though!

  6. Ok – first off – I want those little Verona ladies in my house. And I have no small children – so there it is.
    Second – I do not blame you for the spider thing – that would totally freak me out.
    Out here we have bee swarms at certain times of the year – and you can be driving along with the windows down and all of a sudden end up with a bunch of bees in your car.
    That doesn’t exactly make for safe driving – lots of flailing and swatting and screaming. haha. :)

  7. The spider story is very real indeed and brings chills to my spine once again. My husband has a new Jeep where you can take the hard top off and put on the soft top that also folds back and makes it a convertible. We put the soft top up after having it as a convertible for a few nice days but that day it was overcast. I looked up and there was a massive scary spider right above me. I made him pull over and I jumped out as fast as I could. It ran off and hid. I was petrified the entire ride and I professed that I would not ride in there again until it was found and gotten rid of. I’m happy to say it was reported to me a few days later that said spider had been found and smushed. I hate spiders. My husband doesn’t care about them at all and will grab them with his hand. I tell him he’s going to regret that some day when he grabs a brown recluse!

  8. Ok, I completely realize that having a mystery spider inhabiting your van is not funny, but your story did make me laugh and laugh! Please be careful while driving! I hope you find it soon, and preferably while you’re parked.

  9. So, I can seriously relate. Only, my monster actually was – I had a BLACK WIDOW living under my dashboard, on the driver’s side, two summers ago. I was a complete freaking maniac for days! I would get in the car, and her thick, sticky web would catch my flip flop – eeewww!!! finally, I left my driver’s door open in the driveway, and sat. waiting. until she emerged. Then, I hit her with a long stream of poison – I may have gone a bit overboard. The car smelled like poison spray for a while – and I was pregnant, so then I really freaked. Hopefully, you will find, and overcome, the beastie soon!

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