The Love Me Two Times Skirt

Ok so I made another “Love” skirt.
I made the All You Need Is Love Skirt back in February but then last week I got to peruse some of Riley Blake’s solids and decided it was time to make another one.  But this time using cotton instead of knit and felt.
 I made it just like our Simple Spring Skirts but just added the word “LOVE” between steps 3 and 4.
It was really easy and if you want to make one here’s what to do:
 (I just drew out the letters by hand because, well, I like drawing letters but you could also pick a font and print them out from your computer at whatever size you’d like.)  Once you have them the size and shape you like, cut them out.
Yes, I trace them right onto the front of the fabric.  I just make sure I cut right inside the pencil line so that the markings don’t show up.  (I know most people flip the letters and trace them on the back—but I’m a crazy person and somehow always mess that up so I go with this route.  Always.  That’s just how I am.)
Now cut out the letters and:
(I set my zig zag at 2.5 and my stitch length at .6.   It took awhile to go around the letters but those things aren’t fraying or going anywhere!)
And your done!
And now you know a little bit more about me as well…I can’t figure out how to turn letters around, I’d rather write by hand than use a computer, and I listen to the Doors (hence the name).  All stellar facts.  Yea…good stuff.  What other quirks should I share?
None for today, I think that is quite enough.
But in other news one of my favorite blog weeks of the year was announced yesterday.
That’s right friends Crafterhours announced their skirt week!  I love this week!  And I love their blog!  I’m already thinking about what to make—anyone else sewing along?

12 thoughts on “The Love Me Two Times Skirt

  1. Whoa. If I could freehand letters like that, I’d consider giving up typing for life! Love the gorgeous simplicity of this skirt. Riley Blake is just so full of goodness. Oh, and once again, you’re funny. Super funny!

  2. It takes sideways thinking to be able to write backwards. Difficult, but doable. It’s when you start having to spell backwards at the same time that you run into problems! (I took printmaking in college and had to learn to do everything backwards!)

  3. WOW! It’s so beautiful, but I don’t think I could ever attempt that because all the zigzagging would intimidate me. AMAZING!

  4. I listen to The Doors too…and I love that you share random facts about yourself. What better way to get to know each other here in blogland? :)
    I am working on an idea for the crafterhours skirt week/month too!

    Now I think that song will be in my head for the rest of the night-LOL.

  5. That is gorgeous!!!! Your lettering is beautiful and the colours are fantastic. I loved the first skirt and wondered how it would go with cotton, it goes great!

  6. man, you’re officially churning out these skirts faster than I can copy them! I pinned your original to our skirt inspiration board under the pretense of sharing it for skirt week, but really so I’d remember that I’ve been wanting to make it since you first posted it! Now I have double the to-do list!!

    very cute, and thanks for the shout-out :)

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