Thrifted Thursday–A Vintage Circus Blanket

Look at the gem from the thrift store that I scored a couple of weeks ago!  
I seriously ran right to it and snatched it up before someone else did.  Although to tell you the truth, nobody else wanted it…no one else even looked at it.
Ok.  Let me back up a minute.  I have to tell you all a story.  At the end of last summer I bought some Target-clearanced, turquoise, quatrefoil dishtowels for a buck.  I immediately saw them and thought, “those would make a darling skirt.” So, I grabbed two packs and checked out.  But then, just like my ADD craft self, I never made the skirt and the dishtowels got put in a sewing bin that sat, and sat, and sat.
Then recently, when cleaning and organizing some fabric I came across the dishtowels again.  And this time I  picked them up and thought to myself, “HELLOOO self…..USE THEM AS DISHTOWELS!”  (I seriously need help sometimes.)  Dishtowels don’t have to be changed into something…you can use dishtowels as dishtowels.
Ok, back to the blanket.  Lesson learned from the dishtowels.  An awesome thrift store blanket with hand quilted vintage circus animals is perfect just the way it is!

Can someone remind me of this at my next thrift store adventure…when I want to hack up everything and turn it into something else?  
Because I will totally need the reminder.

6 thoughts on “Thrifted Thursday–A Vintage Circus Blanket

  1. Oh my goodness – I cannot tell you how much I love this! I have such a thing for vintage circus. I dont know what it is about it, but I just love love love it. I would have been beating you off at the thrift store for that blanket! HA

  2. So true! I have a package of washcloths that I bought on clearance to make something with that are still sitting on my sewing shelves. I guess they could be….washcloths. :)

  3. I have the same problem. I’ll see something and not think it’s worth the price because I can’t turn it into anything. Really, shouldn’t it be a better deal if I don’t have to change it?

  4. What a find! Love it! I was at a thrift shop today and found a hand stitched quilt that had never had the edges finished. I debated and debated, and eventually left it there… I would not have walked away from this one!

  5. I do the SAME THING! I always buy those cheap shirts at and ShirtWoot that are 24 hour deals for $10? And I always buy them XXL because I’m like “what else am I going to do with a shirt but cut it up and I need the biggest I can get so I have more fabric to play with.”

    Well let’s just say at 7 months preggo I’m GLAD I haven’t cut them all up! Hahha. I have SHIRTS to wear as SHIRTS

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