Tooth Fairy Pillow

We shared this a couple of weeks ago at Riley Blake……but in case you missed it….
Today we are sharing a simple but cute project for any little girl in your life.  A little doll tooth fairy pillow which can hold teeth and a little something that the tooth fairy brings in return.  It is a PERFECT project for all experience levels…and if this is your first sewing project….we promise it is simple and quick.
This project came about because the Tooth Fairy is not finding teeth at our house!  When a certain little girl puts her lost teeth under her pillow, that Tooth Fairy is not finding them….and therefore not taking them.  But no more!  Now there is a nice soft pillow with a special fairy-sized pocket—especially for the Tooth Fairy.  No most lost teeth at our house!
Here is what you will need to make one too:
*1/4 yard main doll body fabric.  We used the Verona line from Riley Blake.
*1/8 yard for the pockets—cut 2
*1/8 yard piece for hair–cut 1
*small scrap of heat n’ bond–cut 1 hair pattern
*small scrap of felt for head–cut head pattern
*black embroidery floss for the eyes
HERE is the pattern for the tooth fairy doll.  You will need to print it out at 100%.
And here is how you make her:

(This first pocket was a little too large for our doll, your pattern pocket is much smaller and cuter!)

Here is a great tutorial if you don’t know how to make french knots.

I handstitched the little openings on the dollies but you can machine stitch them too.
Looking ahead–I am busy remixing some classic patterns (peasant dresses and pillowcase dresses) for this summer.  Hannah is in desperate need of some new Summer clothes (that girlie has grown almost 2 inches since January) and I have been busy thinking of some updated versions of those classic summer dresses.
You will see one on Wednesday!
Any fun projects you are working on this week?

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    I’m making a ruffled crib skirt for a friend. I’m hoping to finish it this week. It’s a crazy amount of hemming. Yowza. And I want to make a movie-inspired outfit, but what film to choose?! For some reason, I’ve been mulling over 80’s movies and 80’s movies alone. Why? Don’t know…

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