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This week my kids and I finally made our summer to-do list.  It’s a little different this year but I’m really happy with it and so are the kids.
I think that I’ll probably share it with you this weekend but for today I’m going to post a tutorial that I got to share over at Mama Says Sew a few weeks ago.
It’s for a little artist apron, something that will be a well used item this summer—especially with the summer art camps that I will start teaching on Monday.  (I LOVE summer art camps!)
It’s a quick and easy project and since it’s Friday, it will cost you less than $5 to make.  So with out further ado here’s the Little Artist Apron Tutorial:
With summer break on the horizon we are planning out activities for our kids.  And for me summer isn’t complete without a hefty amount of art projects. So today we are sharing how to whip up an affordable and easy to make little artist apron for all your summer painting needs!
Here’s what you’ll need:
(Dollar stores are a great place to find inexpensive kitchen towels.)
And here is how to make them:
#1.  Measure your artist from arm pit to arm pit and then subtract 1 inch.
(Grace measured 8 inches so 8 minus 1 is 7)
#2.  Measure your artist from armpit to waist.
(Grace is 6 inches)
#3.  Take your dishtowel and fold it in half the long way.
(Or as the kids in my art classes call it “hot dog style”.)
#4.  Measure along the top, and from the center fold toward the edges, half of the measurement from step #1 and make a mark.
(So I measured from the fold outward 3.5 inches)
#5.  Next meaure from the top edge down the side your measurement from step #2.
(I made my mark at 6 inches.)
#6.  Now connect your marks.  To do this pretend that you are just making the right side of an upper case “U”.
#7.  Once your line is drawn (I just use a pencil.)  Cut it out while your fabric is still folded in half.
(This way your apron will be symmetrical.)
#8.  Pin your bias tape on your apron.  I use the whole pack (I like long ties) and start by finding the middle of the bias tape strand.  Once I’ve found the middle I position it up above my apron that I’ve laid out on the table or floor.
#9.  The bias tape above the top of the apron needs to be long enough for your artist to slip it over her head.  (For Grace’s I made it 16 inches long—or you could say 8 inches from the middle on each side to where it meets the apron.)  Then you just pin the bias tape down along the sides where you cut.
#10.  Sew up your bias tape.  I just start at one end of the tie, folding the bias tape in half as I sew until I get to where the bias tape fold over the apron and then I just sew carefully making sure that the distowel is nice and snug sandwhiched in between the bias tape as I go.
(I really do just start on one end and do the entire length all in one shot—the left tie, around the arm hole, around the neck hole, down the right arm hole to the end of the right tie…all in one shot.  It’s easy.)
#11.  Now we are going to fold up the bottom of the dish towel to make a giant pocket but before we do that I wanted to add some trim.  So on the back, bottom side of the dishtowel I sewed on some rick rack.
(You sew it on the back bottom side so it will show when you fold the bottom of the dish towel up.)
#12.  Now fold up the bottom of your dish towel to make the giant pocket for supplies.
Once folded sew along the edge of each side and if you would like sew some vertical lines along the giant pocket to make some smaller compartments for things like paintbrushes.
All done!
Now your ready to try it out and load up those pockets with all your very favorite supplies!
Easy right?
Now I can’t wait to get to work!  Summer is my favorite time for extra messy art making!
Have a good weekend everyone!

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    Awww this is so cute!!!!! I used to (and still do!) love to paint when I was a little girl, wish I would have had one of these, it’s adorable! Nicely done!

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