Skirting the Issue: Shauna from Shwin & Shwin

Hello Simple Simon & Co. readers! My name is Shauna and I blog over at Shwin & Shwin with my sister. About as confusing as the girls over here, my sister and I have the exact same nickname, Shwin. We can always tell who is talking about who though :) Over at Shwin & Shwin you will find a lot of sewing projects… I have a problem :) Some skin care help from my awesome sister who likes to keep it real, and patterns! (from the shop and free) So naturally as an avid seamstress I was thrilled to be able to participate in such a meaningful event! I loved growing up wearing home sewn clothing by my mom so I love the idea of providing home sewn goodies to girls who likely really need it. I have shared a lot of different skirts before but this one is one of the easiest, and quickest! It can easily be done in an hour (or less if you are cranking them out :) You see I wanted to do something with color blocking since it is very hip and current, and it is reversible so it is like getting two skirts in one!

There are only three pieces (although you may need to break up some of the larger pieces since they may be too large for one piece) I did up the math for you for sizes 2T-10 I thought it would make it easier for you.

So cut out here are the 3 pieces. I did the waistband and color block the same color, but you could do three different colors if you like.

Start by sewing the color block and the main skirt piece right sides together along the long width. Press it up flat.

Next fold the whole piece width wise so the color block and skirt piece match up. Then sew along the side. You will be creating a nice big tube. (which if you want to double check yourself from top to bottom should be 2 times the desired length of the skirt)

Now we will be folding the tube in half on itself so that the side seam you just sewed will be on the inside. What does this mean? The raw edges will meet at the top there will be a fold on the bottom and from this view you can see one color on the inside and one on the outside. We all at the right place? Cool let’s move on. I forgot to take a picture but you want to gather the top edge (through both layers)

Next fold the waistband piece width wise and sew along the side seam.

Now you will take that lovely tube of a waistband and place it right sides together around the skirt. You want the gathered top of the skirt to be the same size as the waistband. Then sew through all three layers at this point.

Then press the waistband and that seam up ward. Don’t worry about it looking all messy the seams will all be covered up. Now fold the top of the waistband down about 1/2 inch or so.

Now fold the waistband in half so that little folded edge covers that messy looking seam.

Sew along the bottom edge of that fold but leave a small little opening in the back so that you can slip in some elastic. Now, you want to sew this line as close to the bottom and staying straight so it looks nice on the front as well but don’t stress too much about it since the elastic and the gathers will hide most little errors.

Slide in the elastic.

Sew the elastic together. Then close up that little opening. Easy peasy, you are done!

With two skirts in one since it is nice and reversible.

I love the options for wearing, with either big bold pops of color

Which would be a lot of fun to mix up with a bunch of different colors.

Or you can tone it down a bit and have just a small little pop with a little waistband

We will just ignore Abbey’s “disgust” face I am pretty sure her brother was telling her nonsense right about now…

Thanks you so much LiZ and Elizabeth! I am loving this series and the heart behind it.

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