Lace Back T-shirt Tutorial

 This was an unintended project.  Yesterday after preschool I was wiped out and so were the kids.  Simon was still at school and Grace and Ruth both fell asleep which means I suddenly found myself with some time alone.  And what did I do with that time to myself?  Catch up on laundry?  Clean out my closet?  Take a nap?
No way.
I made Grace the lace back t-shirt that I have been wanting to make her for weeks.
(I love quiet sewing time.)
Here’s what I did:
#1.  I gathered my supplies.  You only need a t-shirt and a piece of lace.  (Mine was some cheap lace cut from off of a bolt.)
 #2.  I cut off some of the length of the t-shirt to make it fit at the waist.  Then I cut another strip 2 and 1 half inches wide to make a waist band.
 #3.  Next I centered my shirt on my cutting board and measured out a 5 inch piece right down the back middle and traced the lines with a pencil right on my shirt.
#4.  Then using a pair of scissors I cut down that line on each side and cut up to a generous one fourth inch from the neck band at the top.
#5.  Finally I followed the neck band cutting around it leaving a generous on fourth inch.
(When I was done it looked like the photo below.)
 #6. Next I started attaching the lace.  (However I forgot to take photos of the cutting of it…just know you’ll need to cut your lace to fit the swatch you cut out of the shirt…I cut my lace an inch wider and 4 inches longer than the swatch in my shirt.)
#7.  I started at the neck band.  I folded the t-shirt under along the neckline (so there would be a finished edge) and putting the lace underneath that folded edge began to sew.
 #8.  After attaching the lace to the neck line I attached it along each side.  I did this the same way…folded the t-shirt down about a fourth inch and stitched straight down each side sewing the lace and t-shirt together with the lace underneath.
(When I was finished, it looked like the photo below.)
 #9.  Next I made the waistband.  Grace is 19 and 1 half inches around so I cut the band so I cut the band at 19 inches so it would fit nice and snug with the stretch.
 #10.  Stitch around the end of your band piece so that it makes a complete band and not a sash.
 #11.  Next fold your band in half and pin it to the bottom of your shirt.
Pin right sides together and then I matched up the side seams of the shirt to the side seams of the band.
#12.  Start sewing.  Your band is smaller around than your shirt.  So you will have to pull (and I pulled hard) to make your band stretch as you sew to fit all the way around.  The result will be your shirt will look gathered into the waistband.
#13.  Cut off any excess lace on top, bottom, and sides.
And your done.
 Grace liked the shirt because it was “normal” in the front and “fancy” in the back.
I liked the shirt because it’s a perfect play shirt that is going to get a lot of wear.
Grace wants another one now that is fancy in the front and normal in the back…we’ll see.  If I do make her one like that I’ll need to change up the sleeves.  Regular, as is t-shirt sleeves are a little too plain (I think) for a shirt like that.
for now Grace is happy and I am happy.
And who knows…maybe I’ll find some quiet time to sew again today….I can only hope.
Ps—I can also only hope that I get the “She’s a Maniac” song out of my head…I’ve been singing it ever since I took these pictures…between the 80’sness of the outfit and the fact that Grace couldn’t quit “run dancing” while wearing it that song popped into my head and I can’t get it out!PS—This project is linked HERE and HERE and HERE and ”Tip
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    Love this! In fact, love most (if not all) of your projects! I think my ‘pin’ rate must be at least 5/7…….. Thank you for sharing!!!

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