Lookbook: A Holiday Dress

I was in love with the this fabric the moment I saw on the clearance table.  ( I almost felt like it was a splurge at $8 dollars a yard after all my super cheap finds.)  It is a lilac suiting fabric, but it has a bit of a shine to it which is so pretty in real life.  I used almost 3 yards of it for the dress.
The bodice was drafted with a ballet neckline and front and back darts and elbow-length sleeves.  I did line the bodice, but looking back it probably didn’t need to be (which would have cut off at least a 1/2 yard of fabric.)  The skirt is 2 full yards of fabric gathered tightly (like in THIS tutorial).  I didn’t get a picture of the back, but it is an invisible zipper in the bodice.
The navy belt is actually bias tape….but I still have my hopes up that a skinny, navy, leather belt can be found.  Maybe?
I am thinking we might get some sparkly shoes for the holidays with it….but we’ll see what we can find when the time is closer.  In my head, sparkly silver would be perfect.

I was trying to get a close-up of the fabric for you,  I really love the color.
And one last view.

15 thoughts on “Lookbook: A Holiday Dress

  1. I love a good, classic, girly dress and this one seems to be just about perfect! Don’t feel guilty about the splurge – its well worth it for such a stunning and good quality piece! :)

  2. I had a dress almost exactly like that when I was in fifth grade. (My dress was ankle length and had puffed sleeves.) I’m 33 and I still remember how much I loved that dress. I hope Hannah loves her dress just as much.

  3. So very pretty! I love the simple, classic designs for little girls’ dresses. As my daughter would say, “That’s alot of skirt!” She thinks the more skirt the better :o)

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