Speaking of Appearances….

I got new glasses.
Bet you didn’t even know that I needed some.
But, I did.
I hadn’t gotten a new pair of glasses for I’m guessing about 3 years now.  I wear contacts and because they are so expensive I just purchase those and don’t buy glasses as well.  I just keeping using my old pair and only wear them at night when I’m in bed reading (or am up eating chips and watching Project Runway).
However, my old glasses suffered a tragic accident in the spring when Grace was trying them on Ruth and they ended up with a side broken off.  So I decided it was time for a new pair. 
I made an appointment, went in, and selected a new pair of glasses.  But when I went to pay for them I saw that after my insurance paid my cost would still be just over $250.  And I just couldn’t afford that.  So sadly, I declined buying the glasses, returned home, and taped the side back on to my old pair.  (True story.)
Then a few weeks ago I got an email asking if I’d like to try a pair of glasses for free from Firmoo.com.  Let me think about this..ummmm…YES!!!!
I spent forever browsing around deciding which glasses to choose.
And I’m happy, super happy with my choice…I’m even wearing them in the day now.
I even think I’m going to buy a second pair.
And I can buy a second pair because the prices at Firmoo.com are AWESOME!
I either want this pair that costs $21.00 or splurge on this pair (one of their most expensive at $37.00)or get this pair that only costs $10. 
(Seriously—$10!  And they aren’t the only pair for that cheap—they have other styles and colors that inexpensive and that cool.)
I’m totally into these glasses.  I kind of love them.
And just so you know, I’m not the only one who they will send free glasses to.
They will send YOU a free pair as well.
Firmoo gives away free glasses to first time customers every single day.
Just go HERE to read all about it.
Check them out.  I’m kind of addicted.

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    LiZ, be warned, only the frames are free. The lenses start getting pricey once you add coatings to them. You know, stuff like scratch resistant. I got a pair from Firmoo, and they ended up costing me about $65 because of lenses and shipping.

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    That’s great! Coastal Contacts does the same thing on Facebook. I have gotten 2 pairs for free just paid the shipping which was like $15. I love the new over-sized nerd glasses I just got!

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    I’m wearing Firmoo glasses today too! I also have free pairs from clearlycontacts.ca 🙂 The ones I’m wearing right now look like they are pretty similar to yours! Clearly we have fantastic taste. 😉
    I don’t add coatings or anything like that to my cheapie glasses, I figure why get a no scratch coating when at this price if it gets scratched it’s a good excuse to replace them!

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    I am so glad i check your blog every day! we recently switched health insurance, and now we only have a vision discount plan. it only covers 60 bucks……i am soo going to this site now!!! my presciption changed and my glasses are getting beat up! thanks for sharing!!

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    I’m excited to share a favorite site with you… somewhat of a secret. We’ve been buying our glasses at zennioptical.com for years. The lowest I saw were $6 (INCLUDING LENSES, but were ugly. I bought two pair for $21 including shipping. I kinda sound like a crazy spammer — sorry. Try em’ though. We really love the site and tell everyone we know. A few downsides, you can’t return them. So if they don’t fit you’re stuck. The site does have a “try them on” option where you can either upload a pic of yourself or try them on a model. Save it for next time.

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