Tab-Top Curtain Tutorial

(Do you like how I had yet to trim the threads in this picture?)

I got this itch to make new curtains for my sewing space a while ago.  But, the fabric I wanted was $20 a yard, which I wasn’t willing to spend.  Fast forward to last week, went I saw at Joann’s that it was 50 % off and I decided it was time to get going and make the curtains.  I bought 6 yards of fabric which was perfect for 2 curtains (my curtain rods are pretty high) and they touch the floor perfectly.

I had previously decided that I wanted tab-top curtains, so I also grabbed some grosgrain ribbon that matched and went to work. (I tend to decide things like “tab-topped curtains” while lying in bed trying to sleep–I know I am crazy.)


Here’s what I left out of my picture taking…..

I did serge the top and bottom edges of the fabric.  I turned the top over 2.5 inches and pressed the line really well.  (Or you could just turn it over twice—but remember I was in fast-mode.)

I sewed down the top and bottom lines all the way down the curtains.

I did hem the bottoms too, in case you are wondering.
Not the most inventive way to make curtains, but it sure was fast.  And I love that they hold their shape well.
Happy Friday everyone!
P.S.  I keep forgetting to remind you but I remembered today–the boy’s looks are up at Project Run and Play, so go VOTE!!!
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    Love the curtains! The ribbon is a great idea- I love how it hangs. And here’s the weirdish follow up question- how wide is your curtain rod and is it in one piece?

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    These are GORGEOUS. Thanks for the idea! I have really wanted to jazz up the house a bit. I keep thinking that just because the homes I have lived in aren’t “permanant” homes that they don’t deserve the work of organizing and looking good. But, even if I’m only living here for a couple years, why not make those couple years HAPPY ones right? I sew… SEW why not make my own pillows and drapes, etc? (pun intended of course lol) This is a GREAT quick tutorial. You have TOTALLY changed my mind on trying drapes. Easy peasy!

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    I love this! Two questions from a beginner. Why do you need to sew the ribbon lines all the way down the curtain, as opposed to just on the ribbon? Also, can you put a liner on this type of curtain?

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    vinestreet..this is not my blog, however, I do believe she just sewed the top and bottom edge of the ribbon pieces. Where she mentioned “I sewed down the top and bottom lines all the way down the curtains.”, I think she is referring to the sides of the curtain panels (i.e. the left side and the right side of each curtain panel). Hope this helps clarify. By the way, I am in the process of using this technique to make a pair of curtains that have a white backer fabric which serves the same purpose as a liner.


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