The Art of Homemaking: I’ve been keeping a secret

Ok…I’ve been keeping a secret…
I started through “The Art of Homemaking” book…again…without you.
I’m sorry.
There has been so much going on around here, too many things to post and I really needed to get back to the book.  I’d been falling back into old habits and needed to start over again.
So I did.
I started with “FACET NO. 1 THE TWO A’s”
(which are attitude and appearance)
In her section on attitude Daryl Hoole says your attitude will improve if you “are at your physical best at all times—both in appearance and health.”
Several weeks ago I made a conscious decision to work on my health.  Since that day I make sure I get at least 6 hours a sleep, I try not to skip meals because I’m” too busy”, I go running at least twice a week (no matter what else “needs to be done”), and I’m taking my vitamins. 
Yes, I know this all sounds like things I should be doing anyways…but I don’t always…I’m a girl who tends to get wrapped up in projects, the kids, and “what needs to be done” and forget about everything else….including eating and sleeping…but I’ve been working on it.  And you know what?  I do feel better.  And I do have a better attitude.  Who knew?  Ms Hoole was right!
The next part…my appearance…
Ms. Hoole says, “Each morning get up and get completely dressed.  This should happen very first thing!…Once you are dressed, everything works out better.  The sooner you are dressed, the more successful your day.”
I’ve tried this before but it’s never lasted more than a week.  I’m the queen of pajamas…and yoga pants…and lounge pants…and pretty much anything that is stretchy, baggy, comfortable, but sadly unacceptable for public viewing (which unfortunately doesn’t stop me from wearing it in public).
But I’ve changed my ways and for several weeks now I’ve been getting “dressed” every morning…all dressed…like make-up and hair done…and I feel like a real person again all of the sudden.  It’s like a mini miracle.
except on Wednesdays.
I have saved Wednesdays for and devoted them entirely to my slovenly, unkempt, appearance.  On Wednesdays I stay home (except to go get my morning soda) and sew and clean and cook and do whatever all day.  It’s heaven.  And I love it.  (And it makes the other days easier to get dresses because I know that right in the middle of every week I have one day purely dedicated to being a slob.)
In her intro Ms. Hoole asks, “How can we keep up with…demands and still enjoy some of the old fashioned happiness, serenity and peace of mind which made family living so worthwhile a generation ago?” 
I’d like to find (and live) the answer to that question so I’ll continue reading through Daryl’s (and Heloise, and Barabara, and the other ladies I love) books and glean from them all that I can. 
So I’m back to the book… I’m doing it…again…I’ve missed it…I hope you’ll join me.

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    I love so much that you dedicate a day to being slovenly and unkempt. That is beyond fantastic. I wonder if I did that if it would make it easier to put on pants made of pants material in the morning? lol! Although I just bought a two pack of jeggings at Costco, shame horror dismay blahblah, judge me if you like, I know I have. I have decided that jeggings + tunics is 200% acceptable for at home days. Especially since I have no desire to buy new jeans and do not yet fit attractively into my pre-baby ones.

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    Funnily enough, Wednesday is my “lazy pants day”! I totally agree that getting dressed helps you to get on with your day… but sometimes I’m just not looking to get on with my day! =) x

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    now that my oldest started kinder i have had to get dressed everyday to bring him to school. therefore i get out of my j’s. but i may go home and get back into my yoga pants. i find i get more done around the house when i am wearing them. im going to have to buy this book!

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    I need to start over on this too. Over the past 2 months we’ve had dr. Appoints every week, sometimes 2 a week. Then planning a birthday party, plus a million other things, I rarely get really dressed & you can forget about my hair & make up.

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    In college I realized I felt much more like a human being when I put on a pair of jeans after lounging in sweatpants and an oversize hoodie all weekend. But I also enjoy getting into comfy clothes once I’m home for the night. 🙂

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    I’ve been reading your blog for a little while. I love the simple and stylish clothes you are able to make, and I dream of getting my machine out long enough to “whip” something up myself.

    Today though, I needed this post. As I sit here writing this I’m half an hour away from taking my daughter to the orthodontist, and I’m still in my bathrobe. I’ve been awake for two hours. I haven’t worn real make-up in weeks except for church. Funny thing is, this is so unlike me! I don’t think my husband ever saw me without makeup for our first ten years. Baby #4 has done bad, bad things for my daily routine. But I’m inspired today…off to put on some real pants, and maybe a touch of rouge 🙂

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    I’ve been putting off buying this book for a while but I stopped procrastinating and BOUGHT IT TONIGHT (Amazon)!! I know that this book will make life easier and more enjoyable. Thanks for the inspiration.

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