21 thoughts on “A Handmade Christmas: Cloth Napkin Tutorial

  1. These napkins are going to make the prettiest christmas table. They are also going to make a great gift. Amazing giveaway, how do we enters.

  2. I have NEVER made bias tape and really would like a bias tape maker,& my sewing machine is the second hand me down I’ve gone through. I sew quite a bit & they are VERY old. It would be super fun to get a new one this year. <3 Thanks so much for such an amazing giveaway... talk about getting in the christmas spirit! woot woot

  3. Okay are you kidding me? It never would’ve occurred to me to make napkins like the self binding baby blankets. You are a genius. Also, I wish I was your kids’ piano teacher. :)

  4. I love the way you made those napkins! Beautiful, and it really does sound easy to do. I like the touch of embroidery in the corner too. =)

  5. Oh boy…. what a Merry Christmas to win this giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity, I can’t imagine all the bias tape options I would be applying to my everyday life.

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