A Handmade Christmas: Traveling Sewing Kit

Over the next couple of weeks liZ and I are going to share some handmade (AND EASY) gifts for those on your Christmas lists.  Today’s project is about a thirty minute project that would be perfect for a sewing friend or anyone else who might need a cute little zipper pouch.
And here’s how you make it…
I did the embroidered picture of the thread first, but you don’t necessarily need it.
The pattern can be found HERE.
(Don’t be nervous about the rounded top….if you open the zipper it bastes on just as easily as a straight line….)
(Sorry this picture is super wonky–I had already pulled everything through the zipper when I realized that I forgot to take a picture of sewing the bag part together.  Let’s pretend its all flat and nice…it will be on yours;)
I am planning on filling mine with some small sewing supplies.  My thoughts are a small pair of scissors, some different colored threads wound around a piece of cardboard, a pack of needles, some pins and a thimble.  Anything I am missing?

11 thoughts on “A Handmade Christmas: Traveling Sewing Kit

  1. Maybe one of those teeny measuring tapes that you push the button and they wind back into themselves?
    Love the rounded top of this?

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