And now for something completely different….

I know…I’m right in the middle of sharing Gracie’s Look Book but today we are over at iCandy Handmade with their Basic Bodice Series.  (A really fun series that we are excited to be a part of.)
So, to find out what is making Grace so happy head on over there.
And we’ll see you back here tomorrow with more of our Buffalo Gals.
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    This dress is so inspiring! It makes we want to go buy the same (or as close as I can get) fabric. Most of the time I repurpose when I sew to make it affordable but I do think this dress is worth new fabric. Hmmm I wonder if my hubby would be convinced? Thanks for the inspiration and the tutorial, I saw it at iCandy Handmade but decided to come here and check out all your other beautiful sewing projects. Since I’ve just started blogging my sewing recently I really appreciate the time and effor it takes to do what you do. Not only the initial sewing but the gorgeous presentation and all that entails and then taking the time to create tutorials. Truly amazing.

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