Angel Shirts…For the Holidays…For Sisters Big and Little

 If you’ve followed along with us for anytime now you know that if there is something I love, it’s feathers for Grace (like these dresses and this fascinator) and angel wings for Ruth (like this onesie and this slip).  So it only seems natural that this year for the holidays I would make them big and little sister angel shirts…with feathers and wings.
I made Ruth’s shirt first.  Since she is little and still sits in baby car seats and takes naps I didn’t want anything that was big, bulky, or bothersome on her back.  (Or anything she could tear off or tear apart—after all she is the destructor baby.)
So I just drew out some angel wings and traced them onto some felt.
 Then I pinned them into position on the back of the shirt and stitched around the perimeter of each wing.  Easy.
Grace’s shirt was a little more complicated…but not much.
 The first thing I did was make two wing bases out of felt.  (I just shaped them like cartoon bumble bee wings and cut them to fit in the area of the shirt where I wanted them.)
Next I positioned the velcro.
Yes, velcro.
(You can’t wash feathers so I needed a way to make the feathers removable and velcro was the easiest option.)
I used two sets of velcro for each wing and once I had them positioned in the correct places I tacked them down with my sewing machine.
After that I edged the unvelcroed side of my wings with hot glue.
Then I covered that gluey area with a left over strip of a white feather boa that I had used to make hair clips out of.
 And wha-law instant removable angel wing Batman.
Easiest project ever.
(Really I made these while I had the flu and it helped to cheer me up.)
And after the holidays I can just untack the velcro on the back of Grace’s shirt and she can just go on wearing it like normal.
Although knowing myself, I’ll make her keep wearing it through Valentine’s Day and claim the girls are little Cupid’s or something crazy like that.
Oh well…at least they are loved.  So very loved.
Now go and make your girls some angel shirts too.  I promise watching them run around with wings  will literally melt your heart…even if you have the flu.

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