Buffalo Gals Look Book: Old Faithful

 When I was little I had a poncho…a peach poncho so when I started putting this look together I wanted to make one for Grace.
I started with a vintage pattern…and then changed the shape…and then changed the length…and then added a lining….and when I was finished it is NOTHING like what I started with…but I like it.
I like how it fits and lays.  I also like the vintage polyester outside and the warm fuzzy flannel lining.  I think that I’ll put together a tutorial for making one soon…because I’d like to make her one more of them…and maybe one for Baby Ruth as well….
Anyways…aside from the poncho Grace is wearing a shirt I bought on clearance at Old Navy for $2.49 and a bracelet that she came up with herself.  (She was playing around with the scraps from her Don’t Feed the Bears top and decided that she wanted a bracelet to match…I”ll post a tutorial for it soon as well.  It’s been a BIG hit.  She wears it every single day.)
Then there’s the pants and belt.  These pants are handmade…but not by me.
I found them in a thrift store for $2.00 and fell in love.
Especially when I looked inside and saw the crazy stitching with different colors of thread and realized that they were homemade!
I don’t know what mom made these guys back in the day but I’m glad she did…I think they are AWESOME!  (Even though I’m sure they were made for a little boy and not my girly girl Gracie.)  All the imperfections and funny stitching makes these pants one of my favorite items in Gracie’s closet.
And the belt…same day, same thrift store.
It was a day of great finds.
 Check out that bead design!!!
I want this belt in my size.
(Really, I do.)
Poncho, pants, furry cuff.
Warm, comfy, and cool.
Have a great Monday everyone.
We have a fun week ahead and we’re excited to get going!!!
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    So cute and beautifully photographed as always! I had a poncho, too…it was knitted (or maybe crocheted?) and I wore it all the time. I think I may need to make one of these for my baby girl.

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    Oh, yes, a tutorial for the poncho. My daughter loves the cape I made her from your tutorial and I know that she would like the poncho just as much (plus, I have lots of polyester and about 25 yards of some mystery fabric that someone gave my husband because they found out I “sew”).

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