Buffalo Gals Look Book: The Audubon Society

 If there is something I love as much as vintage polyester is has to be
I scored almost 2 yards of this stretch rust colored velvet at a thrift store I stopped at on the way up to Yellowstone this summer.  And guess how much it cost—$1.00!
Best thrift store find ever!
(Ok, maybe not ever, but it’s up there!)
And while Grace’s Don’t Feed the Bears look is my favorite in the Buffalo Gals Look Book this one is Grace’s.  She wore it first and has worn it the most.
 She thinks she’s something fierce in it.
I think it’s the velvet…
For this look I made her some flat front, elastic backed, scrunchy leggings style pants and a matching vest.
Then of course we have her Old Navy fringed boots, a hand-me-down necklace from my old jewelry box, and a lace t-shirt I bought at Wal-Mart for $4.88.
Oh and her homemade feathered headband.
Here’s the tutorial for it:
#1.  Get a headband.
#2.  Hot glue some feathers on it.
You’re done.
(Best tutorial ever, right?)
This girl kills me.  I love watching her run around in this outfit.  I’m glad she likes it.
And I think it’s a really appropriate outfit for the season—it feels really Autumn to me—and she’s already planning on wearing it to dinner on Thanksgiving.
 You know, creating this fall Look Book has been so much fun.
Really, it’s been one of my favorite projects for quite awhile.
My head is already spinning with ideas for a spring Look Book.
Thank you everyone for following along with us as we continue to share our looks and ideas.
As if sewing for our girls wasn’t fun enough…we have all of you to share it with.

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  1. I love your Look Book idea! I’m thinking about doing a spring/summer one for my 5 yr old granddaughter. I made so many of her clothes already it’d be a shame not to put this awesome idea to use. I think I might also use it on the doll clothes for my AG doll!

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