Buffalo Gals Look Book: The Claim Jumper

 Awhile back I found a CRAZY 80′s pattern for this jumper at a thrift store…and I bought it…and I forgot about until this summer when I was going through my pattern pile.
Even though it is a shorts pattern I knew I wanted to make it for Grace to wear this fall and winter.
They just look like winter shorts to me.
(Whatever the heck winter shorts look like.)
So I made them and followed the instructions almost exactly.
I’m pretty satisfied with the results.
I like the neckline in the front, the length of the shorts, and the roominess in the body.
But, I don’t like how wide the straps are on the shoulder or how baggy the jumper is in the back.
Overall, I think I will make her some more, with just a few changes.
But one thing that will be remaining is the scrunchy racer back.
 It’s pretty fun.
I made this jumper from some heavy vintage knit found in my mother in laws basement.
(Isn’t is awesome?)
And I used a left over piece of vintage polyester from some of Gracie’s other Buffalo Girls looks for the pocket.
 Then we added a $3.88 turtle neck from Wal-Mart that I embroidered an arrow on.
(Which you can’t see in any of the photos…nice…)
And a $2.99 pair of tights from Target.
Finally, add in a homemade feather hair clip and her Old Navy boots and she’s got herself an outfit.
She looks so warm and snugly in her winter jumper shorts…I’m totally going to make her another pair.
 (And the tights with shorts thing…did anyone else do that in junior high or was that a fad that was isolated to only my school?  It seems normal old school to me but then again I grew up on the tracks…literally…)
PS–Even if the idea of tights with shorts isn’t normal she’s still going to be wearing them together all winter…and I’ll probably be posting more shorts and tights combinations…because I like them, and so does she…which means you can add this to my pile of polyester loving, late night nacho eating, Honey Boo Boo watching weirdness.PS—Even though I grew up on the tracks and like to watch Honey Boo Boo I wasn’t like Alana and my parents were nothing like June and Sugar Bear.  However, I do think we lived closer to the tracks than they do.

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  1. I almost put tights and shorts on my seven year old yesterday. :o) And I totally remember those jumpers! I wasn’t cool enough to have one and was completely jealous of the other girls who did.

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