Buffalo Gals Look Book—The Inspiration & Explanation

When I was a little girl my parents would take us to go “camping” with my grandparents up in Idaho.  There we would spend time in Yellowstone and Island Park. 
 In my minds eye I can still see my grandpa with his salt and pepper mustache (yes, he had one…always…) pointing out moose as we rafted down the river, cooking bacon over the fire, terrifying us with spooky tales, and doing it all while wearing his cowboy boots and flannel shirt.  The man, to me, will always be legend.
My grandpa passed away while I was in junior high and with him went our camping trips.  A few years ago my family got all hepped up about going back on the exact same vacations we went on as children.  So we did…and we haven’t stopped.
And about now you are probably asking what the heck does all this have to do with the Look Book that I made for Grace this fall..well, I’ll tell you.  This summer as my family and I were back exploring Yellowstone I completely fell in love with the colors that surrounded us.  And standing there on the boardwalk watching the geysers I knew that the palette for my fall collection would be based on what I was seeing.
Here are a few of my photos from Yellowstone with the colors that that I am talking about:
The golden browns of the algae were definitely my favorite but I also thought that the stark white ground against the blues in the water and sky were very striking. 
Later, as we drove over to Island Park and pulled into the cabins of my childhood the color scheme was confirmed for me…
…the browns and rust paired with the blue of the river and the Kodachrome sky…
I called Elizabeth from the porch of the cabin and told her that I knew exactly what I would be doing for Gracie’s fall look book.

Because Grace’s look book is inspired by a place that holds nostalgic memories for me I named it after a song that both reminds me of those places and fills me with those same feelings—”Buffalo Gals”.

(Don’t worry if you haven’t heard it.  It’s old…like written in the 1800′s old.  You may have heard it in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”…I haven’t.  I haven’t seen that movie…I know that seems impossible, but it’s true…and a story for a different post.  Anyways, if you want to hear a version of it HERE is one of my favorites.  It’s a live version by Bruce Springsteen.)

So, let’s see now I’ve told you about the colors and the name now let’s talk about the material.
My Buffalo Gals Look Book uses mainly 3 different fabrics:
That’s right I said POLYESTER.
Let me say it again P O L Y E S T E R.
Oh yea!

You all know about my love affair with polyester so you must have expected at some point that I would begin posting about it…and that day is today.

Now, I know what you are thinking, and you are right…kind of.  Rust and velvet with brown and polyester? 
Yes, that’s weird.
 I won’t deny it. 
And I’ll admit that many of my looks are exactly what would be worn by the love child of Peter Brady and Blossom
But that is the way that I like them.
And Grace likes them to.
And maybe, just maybe, you’ll feel a little of the love as well.
I can’t wait to show them to you.


12 thoughts on “Buffalo Gals Look Book—The Inspiration & Explanation

  1. Love your post and I am so excited to see the outfits. Have to hear this song (Bruce’s version). That man can rock–As a teen in Madrid–over 3 hrs. of music and 3 encores! Lovely pics–we are planning a trip soon–great inspiration to get out there!

  2. So excited!! Love the pictures!! I don’t know how I’ve lived in IF for four years and haven’t made it to Yellowstone proper yet. That must be reconciled asap.

  3. The Backyardigans also did a remake of this song- changing Buffalo girls to Cowgirls/Cowboys. It was in the episode with the jump rope stealing bandit.
    I’m excited to see the new collection!

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