Deck the Halls…with some new fabric

Let’s do a giveaway today!  Today one of you lucky readers is going to win an Alpine Wonderland fat quarter bundle from Riley Blake Designs.

To enter, leave us a comment about a handmade gift you are making for someone this season (or an idea of one you are planning) and you are in the pool!

Good luck everyone!!!!

265 thoughts on “Deck the Halls…with some new fabric

  1. I just started my first ever crochet project for a friend’s first baby…… Among other things. Mittens and a little ponch for my daughter. Check.

  2. I have been looking at this fabric for about a month but the price is just too high for the budget right now. I was So excited to see this giveaway. Did I say SOOOO excited?!? I hope to make my daughters Christmas dress with it. She is 4 and loves fabric too at this very young age. It is just so sweet and not the typical fabric you see around Christmas time. It makes her think “Heidi” and she loves that Shirley Temple version. Thanks for the chance to win!!! Missy

  3. Tutus and crowns for the nieces are done. A SuperMario pillow for a nephew is done. But the fort kit for two other nephews…not done! And who knows what I’m doing for my own children.

  4. My fiance and I will be making some food gifts (including our homemade pepper jelly!), and I will also be sewing up some makeup bags and infinity scarves for my friends and sisters! :)

  5. Wow gorgeous fabric. I’m making frame purses to fill with chocolate coins, a car play mat and other things that I don’t know about yet!! thanks for a great giveaway

  6. I always try to make one handmade gift for each of my kids – my eldest is getting wooden peg dolls painted like Plants vs. Zombies, my daughter is getting a Little Artist backpack and my youngest is getting superhero masks! :)

    Now, I’d better get started …

  7. That fabric is adorable! For Christmas I’m planning on sewing a little Dora backpack for my daughter, and if I have time a felt camera!

  8. I’m making coin purses for the teachers and nighties for my girls. Love this line, thanks for the chance!

  9. I make PJ’s for my son and nephew. Here’s hoping that my next little one will wait until after Christmas so I don’t need to do any last minute crafting.

  10. I need to make some little wristlett’s and scarves for teachers & cousins

  11. I just moved so I am still unpacking the sewing room, but I am planning to make all three of my daughters a bunch of skirts. I also hope I can make some potholders as gift fillers for the rest of the family and to clear out old fabric to make room for more.

  12. I’m still brainstorming my gifts but I definitely am going to attempt to make my son a stuffed angler fish (the ones that live in the darkest parts of the ocean and have a little light on their heads)…

  13. I’m planning all handmade! Some yummy homemade spice rubs for my brother in law, felt dress up clothes for the kiddos, a travel lego box for my nephew, a knitting bag for my mom… the list goes on and on!

  14. A Star Wars quiet book for my little guy, pj pants for both kids, some finger puppets for both kids, and fleece pullovers for all the nieces and nephews! Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. My mom is moving into her new house before the end of the year and I hope to make new pillow covers for her to match the new colours of her house.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. I made my nephew this adorable football hat (knit) and his dad and uncles all liked it so much, that I’m going to surprise them by putting one in each of their stockings!

  17. This year, I’m making a fleece bathrobe for my daughter, little heart-shaped rice-filled handwarmers for my piano students, and I’m knitting fingerless gloves for my mother. Would love to win the bundle!

  18. I am working on matching PJs for all 3 of my kids and a dress for my daughter. If we have time, we hope to make a dollhouse for the kids too.

  19. I’m working on finishing a Christmas afghan for my mom that is cross-stitched with lots of different Santas because she collects Santa figures.

  20. Please pick me! I have been a fan of Sheri McCulley for years and her Holiday fabrics are my favorites! My Christmas decor is centered around her Have a Sherri Berry Holiday fabric line. I am feeling pretty lucky!
    I am making my kids matching gray and aqua knit jammies for Christmas! i love this time year!

  21. I’ve already dubbed my sewing room into Santa’s Workshop. I’ve made a doll and stocking for my daughter, a stocking for my mom, Camera Strap cover, Lens cap pouches, zippered pouches and a few more things that I won’t bore you with. We are all about homemade gifts around here.

  22. I’m making new stockings for my four kids, dresses for the girls, and lined gift bags to put some presents in that can also be used after Christmas. Love sewing this time of year! Thank you for the chance!

  23. I’m making coffee cozies for the mailman, my hair stylist, teachers, newspaper delivery guy, etc. and will be pairing them with coffee cards for a warm holiday treat.

  24. How fun! Honestly, I haven’t planned any handmade gifts yet (blasphemy!), but I’m thinking those fabrics would be so cute incorporated into some homemade holiday placements or dishtowels or a table runner.

  25. I am making ruffle scarves for my sister, sister-in-law and mom. I may also,make some kitchen towels and pot holders for my Grandma! Super excited about the scarves!

  26. I’m making nearly all my gifts this year (at least, that’s the goal). I just finished a couple of upcycled pieced t-shirt skirts and am going to make some baby and toddler caps today. Then I’ll move on to a few 2 zip hipster bags for my kids’ teachers. The full list is quite long, but I’m excited. Thanks!

  27. I am making bags for almost everyone we know. I am also working on a quilt for a friend’s expected Christmas baby and quilted Christmas socks for my newlywed sister.

  28. I am planning on making Christmas pillowcases for my nieces…and mini-sleeping bags for my girls who are obsessed with beanie babies/stuffed animals! I am tired of all the pillowcases being confiscated for animal sleeping bags!!

  29. I’m making wooden yard art for Christmas for my mom. She’s been asking dad for years to cut some and so I’m taking it upon myself (and my hubby, lol) to cut, paint, and deliver the letters so she can enjoy them this season.

  30. Making rice filled neck wrap for the ladies in my Sunday School class. Making receiving blankets for Birth Choice in our city. Making baby quilts, nursing covers, receiving blankets, etc. for daughter who is expecting. Making fabric gift bags for goodies for widows in our church. Love, love, love to sew!

  31. I’m making a dress for my (grown up) sister! And one for my daughter’s teacher (as a top instead)!

  32. I’m still deciding what to make for gifts this year (which is what I’m telling myself – and not that I’m a super procrastinator) but I’m thinking some dishtowels and coin purses for sure. This would be great! Thanks for the chance!

  33. I am going to attempt to make my daughter’s Christmas dress this year. The first year I ran out of time, the second year was a complete failure, but 3rd time’s a charm, right?

  34. What a generous giveaway. Happy holidays, I am making the Alpine Wonderland advent calendar for special girl named Fiona. She just turned 1 and loves to “put things away.” The advent calendar is perfect for Fiona to “clean up” and I love the Alpine Wonderland Fabric.
    Have a great day.

    Miss Sue

  35. Great Giveaway!I am making a skirt for my BF, a doll for the ballet teacher and something for all the class teachers (just not sure what yet – will check out other comments for ideas lol) Thanks :)

  36. I am making a batik Turning Twenty queen size quilt for my oldest daughter for Christmas this year. I will be attempting to quilt it on my home machine. Thanks for the chance to win.

  37. What am I NOT making? I’m doing pants and shirts for my nephews, skirts, boleros,shirts, dresses for the nieces…haven’t figured out what everyone else is getting yet!

  38. I’m most excited about the little capes I’m making for my youngest daughter and my niece. But I’m making all of the gifts for my kids’ teachers, too. Hand-crocheted scarves, home-made divinity, and some embellished candles. Can’t wait to see their reactions!

  39. I am making gloves for my sister, she has an allergy in the skin and sometimes needs to wear cotton gloves. She’s tired of using those white clown-like ones, so this year she’s having them purple!
    saruqa (at) gmail (dot) com

  40. A ruched scarf, doll clothes, hooded scarves with pockets, an apron, a baby blanket, 10 coffee cozies, a bike sweatshirt, matching Christmas pjs, coordinating christmas outfits, 3 bath robes, and whatever else my family comes up with! Here’s to sewing!

  41. I am recreating a cool block.puzzle grandpa’s (over 100 years old) that requires cutting 6 different pictures into 30 pieces each and individually mod podging them onto the 6 sides of 30 different blocks and then trimming so they are perfectly square. Then i have to mod podge over everytbing and make a box for the puzzle to sit in. Oh, yeah…and i have to do that for each of my 4 siblings [and 1 for me). Phew!!

  42. I’m making my niece some “princess clothes” for Christmas this year, as well as some dresses and tops. I may be going overboard, but that’s not a worry because her mum knows I always do haha

  43. I’m making a stuffed animal for my brother…I think. Or maybe something else. I need to plan out my Christmas gifts! I usually make everything, though…

  44. I finally finished making pajamas for every member of my family… except myself! I can’t wait until Christmas when I can finially admit that I haven’t been stealing their clothes to investigate how crotches work, but to make patterns. Pretty sure they all think I’m crazy.

  45. Whew! What am I NOT working on these days?! I am making my baby girl’s party dress for her 1st birthday. I’m also crocheting beanies of all kinds of animals. I’m running out of time to get our Christmas stockings made AND my baby girl is my one and only child, so I tend to be way crazy obsessed with her having gorgeous boutique style clothes…especially at every holiday, so I make enough holiday outfits so she has at least 2 new beautiful holiday outifits a week. This is the time of year I am thankful to be an insomniac…its the only way I get it all done! :)

  46. It’s tradition in our family for the kids to get new Christmas PJ’s on Christmas Eve. So… my next project is to sew new Christmas-y boxer short PJ pants for my 3 kids!

  47. last year i had a goal to make each of my kids a quilt for Christmas. I got 5 of them made and am trying to finish my 6th quilt for one of my boys. He has reminded me several times over the past year that he is the only one without a quilt. If I finish that i have plans of English paper piecing a pillow for my mom. Thank you!!

  48. I seriously have never won anything from a contest but crossing my fingers on this one! I am making each of my 4 kids Quiet books for Christmas…a huge endeavor I know but I love handmade gifts :)

  49. What lovely fabric! I can think of lots of gifts I could make with that! For now, I just finished some My Little Pony pjs for my daughter, a potholder for my husband (made out of his old shirt), and a snuggly soft blanket for my mom.

  50. I plan on making a few table runners, an apron or two. Also work on some quilts with my daughters over Christmas break. Thanks for the chance to win such pretty fabric.

  51. My dad has started to expect a new hat for Christmas every year. I think maybe this year I’ll change it up with some ear flaps.

    Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  52. This Dec is my month to host Christmas Bunco. I have bought a couple of gifts but the person whose name I chose is getting MOSTLY handmade gifts. All the girls will get a Swag Bag of handmade gifts, & the Travelin Prize is hand made. I am so excited as I have been sewing, decorating the house & planning since Oct!! I am trying to make the MOST of what I have on hand & have so far purchased very little!! (insert crossed fingers here) I have Glittered ornaments w/ vinyl initial for all, felt stuffed Gingerbread Folk for all, a 16×20 Christmas Subway Art for my secret Santa gift along w/ 6 more Snowman orns, small felt orns, pic frames, candle holders, oohhh, lots of stuff in her bag!!! I am decorating empty K-Cup boxes w/ Christmas paper & using ribbon for a handle as the Swag Bags. I will post pix on FB & my blog when all is finished! Wish me luck to get it all done in time!! Thanks for the giveaway, just in time!!! [email protected]

  53. I’ll be making four little preschool aprons for my daughter’s Daycare and a corduroy jumper and blouse for my baby grandaughter (I love vintage patterns!). Tote bags, a computer case, potholders and fleece hats for stocking stuffers and our annual Family Bingo extravaganza. Hope I win!!

  54. We’ve decided on a DIY Christmas, so everyone will get homemade stuff….tinkerbell costume for my daughter, limoncello for my husband, pillow cases and a camera strap for my sisters…etc etc etc!

  55. Christmas is not a fun time for my son’s girlfriend for some personal reasons, so we’re working on helping her build some new, happy memories around Christmas. So… we’re making her her very first Christmas stocking and I think, from me, one of your gorgeous new re-useable gift bags!

  56. I’m making a pillow that has the word thankful on it, and I’m making some tote bags for gifts. Oh and a new apron for me.

    Thanks for sharing your talents with us.


  57. Most of my daughter’s gifts will be made by me this year. I hate giving her the cheap and nasty, over priced plastic “stuff”. I am making bunkbeds for her dolls, a tent, dolls clothes… can’t wait actually :)

  58. Now that collection is eye candy! I’ve made a few quilts already 3 more to go with matching pillow cases and gift bags to place them in. Have 2 more table runners to finish too.

  59. I am making a hooded poncho out of leopard fleece with red pockets and trims for my granddaughter. I am also knitting my Mum a lace shawl (which at the rate lace grows it maybe for next Christmas).

  60. I am making a hooded poncho out of leopard fleece with red pockets and trims for my granddaughter. I am also knitting my Mum a lace shawl (which at the rate lace grows it maybe for next Christmas).

  61. I’ll be making some coasters, decorating some kitchen towels, and several e-reader cases. If time allows, I’m working on several quilts for the boys my brother adopted from Uganda.

  62. Redoing a child rocking chair and will be decoupaging her name in fabric letters across the back. Also, make lots of canned and baked goods as gifts! Do you think I will have time to get the slippers made?

  63. I have already made my daughter your tulle ruffle skirt and your stripey skirt. Now making the stripey skirt for my niece then going to applique’ or embroider a tee to match!

  64. A purse for my sister in law, and pj’s for the kiddos. And the Christmas dresses/boy bow tie/vest. Oh, and if I get to it I would like to finish a quilt for my brother, a wall hanging for the hubby/lap quilt. And a new skirt for me.

  65. I am making casserole covers for my daughters-in-law and flat iron covers for my daughter and nieces. I would love to win this beautiful fabric and make some more fin gifts!

  66. I’ve ventured into the world of doll clothes. I have this fear that they’ll go to use them on Christmas and nothing will stay on the dolls. :/

  67. I am making aprons for my girls, a new book bag for my sil and crocheting shrugs for both my girls. Hope to get Christmas pajamas finished for my two grand children also.

  68. I’m making Christmas party outfits, vintage–inspired by your blog, for my 5yo daughter and 2yo son. I’m also making couture Barbie dresses to donate to our school’s PTO Holiday boutique.
    Happy Holidays, Laura B

  69. So pretty! Actually, I’m in the midst of several baby projects because I and about 5 friends are all due to have babies by the end of February. Since I’m due in a few weeks, I’m trying frantically to get all the gifts done soon!

  70. I’m planning on making DVD colouring cases for all the little kids in our life. They have a fabric pocket for pencil crayons andaspcae for paper. Tutorial is at the stacyvaughnblog. Yay for fabric! Thanks for the giveaway.

  71. I’m making aprons for my 2 littlest so they don’t get as messy “helping” me in the kitchen. AND, inspired by the dress you made with the ruffled bodice, I am going to learn how to do a zipper so I can make my baby a dress. A big step up from skirts, let me tell you!

  72. In between doctor visits and taking care of 2 ill little girlies and one ill husband, I am hand sewing some mobile phone rests; Christmas presents for the wider family.

  73. I am making both of my nieces flannel pjs! One pair will be pink with brown skulls and hearts (she loves pink and skulls) and the other pair have brightly colored high-tops all over them (she’s 2 and loves shoes).

  74. I’m making a patchwork mug rug and my 5 years olds is painting a mug with porcelain pen for her teacher, and knitting and crocheting some cowls.

  75. I’ve been working a paper piecing on a wall hanging for my sis-in-law (even cut part of my finger off doing it)…but many more handmade projects are in the works this year!

  76. Those fabrics are yummy! I am making a ribbon quilt for my daughter. Her horse passed away last month. Bunny was her 4-H project horse and friend for 8 years. I am taking her winning ribbons and making quilt squares with them and then incorporating some photos that have been printed on fabric into the quilt. I just hope I can get it done in time, otherwise my dd’s birthday is in Jan.!

  77. i am making a ruffley apron and chef hat set AND a tutu for my BFF’s little girl. And for my neice, I’m making a tutu and a raggedy quilt in princess flannels backed with flannel back satin. Hubbs and Kidlet are getting matching flannel pants and hoodie style tees. My MIL and SIL are getting tote bags with zipper pouches, tissue covers, etc inside. My FIL and BIL are getting something… but I dunno what yet… LOL

    I’m truly determined to do a 100% handmade christmas this year…

  78. I want to make some holiday napkins and place mate. Also, I have some Christmas elves cut and out ready to sew but I need to get fabric to make the clothes!

  79. I am making a Christmas quilt for my older sister Lucy this year. And for my baby sister Cheri’, I am going to do a runner for her kitchen island in burgundies & golds. Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful bunch of fabric.

  80. Dresses, dresses, dresses! Our family is going to Disneyland next year with some of my extended family and I have a daughter and a niece that need princess dresses!

  81. I’m making my baby a cloth book, each page will be a letter of his name with an animal corresponding to that letter. I’m also making him shoes.

  82. I would make a quilt and matching cushion covers… to wrap up warm in the living room while watching White Xmas and It’s a wonderful lie with the kids !
    Thanks for your great website !

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